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Egypt: Further information on Death Penalty - 'Afaf Abu al ...
19 June 2000

'Afaf Abu al-Magd 'Uthman's death sentence was confirmed by the Giza Criminal Court on 14 June. Her sentence has already been approved by the ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/020/2000

Egypt: Fear of torture / fear for safety
31 May 2000

Two men: Mohammad Shaaban Mohammad Hassanein and Ayman Kamal al-Din have been forcibly returned to Egypt and are believed to be detained ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/017/2000

Egypt: Death Penalty
25 May 2000

Najoua 'Ashari Ahmad Farag and Abd al-Nasser Mahrous Ma'bad were sentenced to death on 21 May for the murder of Najoua's husband. Their ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/016/2000

Egypt: Death Penalty - 'Afaf Abu al-Magd 'Uthman,
15 May 2000

'Afaf Abu al-Magd 'Uthman was sentenced to death on 14 May 2000 by the Giza Criminal Court for the killing of a young girl. Her sentence will be sent ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/015/2000

Egypt: Further information on Death Penalty - Sha'ban 'Ali 'Abd ...
10 May 2000

Sha'ban 'Ali 'Abd al-Ghani's death sentence has been approved by the Mufti, Egypt's highest religious authority, and he could be executed at any time ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/014/2000

Follow up to Death penalty: 'Attiyat Hussain Hassan
2 May 2000

'Attiyat Hussain Hassan was hanged on 24 April 2000, in Damanhour prison, Upper Egypt. She had been sentenced to death in October 1998 for the ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/012/2000

Egypt: Death penalty
2 May 2000

Policeman Ayman Mustafa Lasheen and Hanan Mamduh al-Sharbani were sentenced to death on 23 April, for the murder of Hanan Mamduh al-Sharbani's ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/013/2000

Egypt: Death Penalty - Sha'ban 'Ali 'Abd al-Ghani
16 April 2000

Sha'ban 'Ali 'Abd al-Ghani has been sentenced to death for his alleged part in the activities of an armed Islamist group. He has no right of appeal against ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/011/2000

Egypt: Death Penalty / Possible imminent execution
12 April 2000

On 10 April 2000, the Cairo Criminal Court sentenced Gamal Muhammad Amin and his friend 'Afaf Isma'il Muhammad to death. Their last chance now ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/010/2000

Egypt: Hafez Abu Sa'ada returns to Egypt: Authorities must ...
10 March 2000

News Service 47/00. AI INDEX: MDE 12/08/00. 10 March 2000. Hafez Abu Sa'ada returns to Egypt: Authorities must now ...

Press Release       MDE 12/008/2000