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Egypt: Amnesty International condemns the sentencing by a ...
19 August 1996


Press Release       MDE 12/019/1996

Egypt: Death penalty
7 July 1996

Magdi 'Abd al-'Aziz Ibrahim, Latif 'Atiya Zukhari, Hassan Zakariya Ahmad, Ahmad Hassan (in absentia): On 7 July 1996, the above were convicted of ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/018/1996

Egypt: Death penalty: 'Assem Labib Hassan
4 July 1996

On 27 June 1996, the above was convicted of murder and sentenced to death by a criminal court in Cairo.

Urgent Action       MDE 12/017/1996

Egypt: Indefinite detention and systematic torture: the forgotten ...
2 July 1996

Gross human rights violations continue to be carried out in the name of "fighting terrorism" in Egypt. Thousands of sympathizers, members and suspected ...

Report       MDE 12/013/1996

Egypt: In the name of "fighting terrorism", indefinite detention ...
2 July 1996

News Service 115/96. AI INDEX: MDE 12/16/96. EMBARGOED UNTIL 0001 HRS GMT 3 JULY 1996. EGYPT: IN THE NAME ...

Press Release       MDE 12/016/1996

Amnesty International News, July 1996. Vol.26, No.7.
30 June 1996

1. Brazil: Human rights placed in the spotlight; 2. United States of America (Georgia): Olympic host state is fifth highest for executions; 3. Burundi: Death ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/1996

Amnesty International News, July 1996. Vol.26, No.7.
30 June 1996

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Newsletter       NWS 21/007/1996

Amnesty International Report 1996 updates
17 June 1996

This report covers selected events during the period from January to April 1996 and provides updated information on selected countries. It complements ...

Report       POL 10/005/1996

Egypt: Further information on death penalty
3 June 1996

Ahmad 'Abd al-'Adhim Ahmad Fawwaz, Haggag Gum'a Mohammad Salim, Hosni al-Sayyid Hussein al-Buhairi, Zakariya Mohammad 'Ali Bashir, Salah ...

Urgent Action       MDE 12/015/1996

Prescription for change: health professionals and the ...
21 May 1996

Health professionals have opportunities and responsibilities in the documentation of human rights violations. Factors impeding against the playing ...

Report       ACT 75/001/1996