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Concerns in Europe: January-June 1997
31 August 1997

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between January and June 1997. Not every country in Europe ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/006/1997

Concerns in Europe: January-June 1997 (CIS only)
31 August 1997

Newsletter       EUR 01/006/1997

Death Penalty News June 1997
31 May 1997

1. AI calls for abolition in Africa; 2. UN Special Rapporteur says "No right to Capital Punishment; 3. AI calls on Southeast Asian countries to halt executions ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1997

Concerns in Europe July - December 1996
1 March 1997

This bulletin summarizes Amnesty International (AI)'s main concerns in 37 countries in Europe during the last six months of 1996. The five Central Asian ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/1997

Estonia: The alleged ill-treatment of David Mease and Erkki ...
22 September 1996

On 29 November 1995 Erkki Maasalo, a Finnish business man, was allegedly ill-treated by a private security guard and was later denied help by police ...

Report       EUR 51/002/1996

The Baltic States: A summary of recent concerns
31 July 1996

This document provides detailed information on the main concerns in the Baltic states during the period January 1995 - July 1996. Despite difficulties ...

Report       EUR 06/001/1996

Amnesty International News Service 230/94
2 October 1994

1. Lebanon: Detention of possible prisoners of conscience; 2. Estonia: No action yet taken on detained asylum seekers.

Report       NWS 11/230/1994

Republic of Estonia: Sergei Krylov
11 April 1994

AI has learned that Sergei Krylov was sentenced to death by Laane-Viru County Court on 19 May 1993 for the murder of a pensioner. The sentence was ...

Report       EUR 51/001/1994

Violations of the human rights of homosexuals: extracts from ...
1 January 1994

This document is a compilation of extracts from action materials produced by Amnesty International since September 1991 which particularly concern ...

Report       POL 30/001/1994

Republic of Estonia: Vassili Otshtalenko
1 November 1993

Vassili Otshtalenko was sentenced to death by Tallinn City Court on 14 October 1993. He has the right to appeal to the State Court. If it upholds his sentence ...

Report       EUR 51/008/1993