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Amnesty International News Service 29/94
11 February 1994

1. Gabon: 67 die overnight in appalling conditions in Gabonese detention camp. 2. Peru: La Cantuta case to be heard by military tribunal.

Report       NWS 11/029/1994

Equatorial Guinea: A missed opportunity to restore respect for ...
1 February 1994

This report presents AI's concern about the escalation of human rights violations in Equatorial Guinea in 1993, both before and after the elections held ...

Report       AFR 24/001/1994

Death penalty news December 1993
1 December 1993

1. Jamaica: Commutation of death sentences of Earl Pratt and Ivan Morgan; 2. Trinidad and Tobago: Commutation of death sentences of prisoners jailed ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/003/1993

Togo: Impunity for killings by the military
4 October 1993

Since 1990 there has been a dramatic increase in the scale of human rights violations, including extrajudicial execution, torture, deaths in custody, arbitrary ...

Report       AFR 57/013/1993

Amnesty International News Service 121/93
23 September 1993

1. Togo: Massive human rights violations continuing despite political reform. 2. Djibouti: AI urges inquiry into killings and other army abuses and calls ...

Report       NWS 11/121/1993

Amnesty International News, September 1993. Vol.23, No.9.
31 August 1993

September 1993 . IA M. ht..e. %JAI LSD...A ft;4) jj . 11.14.11 (.4.0.11 41..4. C 14..4 4.1111 rwtt 4:A.41....Ji. L.1.4y 4E1401 ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/1993

Amnesty International News, September 1993. Vol.23, No.9.
31 August 1993


Newsletter       NWS 21/006/1993

Amnesty International News, September 1993. Vol.23, No.6.
31 August 1993

1. Bolivia: Former president guilty of genocide. 2. Sudan: Hundreds massacred in revenge attack. 3. Turkey: Police torture villagers in sub- zero conditions ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/1993

France: Latest developments in the case of Michel Lucia - a ...
31 May 1993

On 19 May 1993 Michel Lucia, who had been provisionally released on 24 March, appeared before the Tenth Criminal Chamber of Paris Tribunal for ...

Report       EUR 21/006/1993

Our world; our rights: UN World Conference on Human Rights ...
31 March 1993

Cases for appeals: Chad: Irene Remadji; South Africa: Johannes Maisha "Stanza" Bopape; Togo: killing of peaceful demonstrators; Brazil: Jean Alves ...

Report       IOR 41/008/1993