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First French fines for veiled women a 'travesty of justice' ...
22 September 2011

A court in Meaux near Paris fined Hind Ahmas €120 and Najate Naït Ali €80 for wearing the niqab, a full face veil, in public.


France: Authorities must stop forcibly evicting Roma
5 September 2011

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: EUR 21/001/2011. 5 September 2011. France: Authorities ...

Public Statement       EUR 21/001/2011

Manuel Noriega must face justice in Panama following ...
4 August 2011

Authorities urged to ensure that when the country's former leader is extradited by France he is tried for human rights abuses during his 1980s rule.


France must heed EU call to end Roma discrimination ...
10 September 2010

Amnesty International has urged the French authorities to comply with a European Parliament resolution to suspend its policy of expulsions of Roma ...


France must end stigmatization of Roma and Travellers ...
27 August 2010

Around 280 Roma were returned to Romania and Bulgaria this week, as part of a plan to return around 800 people by the end of August.


France urged to end stigmatization of Roma and Travellers
26 August 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT. 26 August 2010. AI Index: EUR 21/005/2010. France urged to end stigmatization ...

Public Statement       EUR 21/005/2010

French Constitutional Council declares the system of pre ...
3 August 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 3 August 2010. AI Index: EUR 21/004/2010. French Constitutional Council ...

Public Statement       EUR 21/004/2010

The Wire, August/September 2010. Vol. 40, issue 004
1 August 2010

1) Indigenous rights in Brazil: Pushed into poverty 2) LiveWire: Kuwait: The case of Muhammad 'Abd al-Qader al-Jasem; Haiti's displaced people feel ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2010

States failing to control movement of weapons to human rights ...
19 July 2010

A new Amnesty International report, shows how transport companies are able to move conventional weapons and munitions to countries where they ...

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France votes to ban full-face veils | Amnesty International
13 July 2010

The law, which must still be approved by the French Senate, prohibits the wearing anywhere in public of any form of clothing intended to conceal one's ...