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Wire, May/June 2012. Vol. 42, issue 03
1 May 2012

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Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2012

Gambia: Further information: Activists jailed for distributing t ...
24 January 2012

Four activists have been convicted over the distribution of Coalition for Change – The Gambia (CCG) t-shirts calling for an 'End to Dictatorship Now' in ...

Urgent Action       AFR 27/002/2012

The Gambia must release four activists jailed for distributing ...
18 January 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT Index: AFR 27/001/2012 18 January 2012 The Gambia must release four activists jailed for ...

Public Statement       AFR 27/001/2012

Amnesty International | The Gambia must release four activists ...
18 January 2012

Amnesty International today called for the immediate release of four activists arrested over the distribution of T-shirts calling for an end to dictatorship ...

Press Release      

The Gambia must release activists jailed for distributing T ...
18 January 2012

Amnesty International considers four men jailed for distributing anti-government T-shirts in the the Gambia to be prisoners of conscience.


Amnesty International statement to African Commission on ...
11 October 2011

In this statement, Amnesty International focuses on the status of the death penalty in Africa and progress towards its abolition. Among the 53 State Parties ...

Document       IOR 63/005/2011

The Wire, August/September 2011. Vol. 41, issue 04
1 August 2011

1) Stubborn, Irritating, Outrageous 2) Women in Nicaragua need your voice, your action, your solidarity; 'We all have a role in the changing world' 3) Stand ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2011

Gambia: Climate of fear continues [poster]
22 July 2011

3534_Gambia_A1 Poster_3534_Gambia_Poster 13/05/2011 13:33 Page 1 gambia climate of fear continues.

Poster       AFR 27/004/2011

Gambia must drop treason charges against activists | Amnesty ...
22 July 2011

Gambia has charged five activists, including including three journalists and an opposition politician, with treason.


Gambie. La peur règne toujours en Gambie (poster)
22 July 2011


Poster       AFR 27/004/2011