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Gambia: The Gambian government must not carry out any ...
5 September 2012

Amnesty International PUBLIC STATEMENT AI Index: AFR 27/009/2012 5 September 2012 The Gambia: The Gambian government must not carry ...

Public Statement       AFR 27/009/2012

Gambia: Further information: At least 38 prisoners at risk of ...
29 August 2012

The Gambian government has confirmed the execution of nine death row prisoners by firing squad. The individuals were taken from their cells the evening ...

Urgent Action       AFR 27/006/2012

Gambian authorities urged to halt further executions - Quotes
28 August 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL QUOTES AI Index: AFR 27/007/2012 28 August 2012. Gambian authorities urged to halt further executions. ...

PressItem       AFR 27/007/2012

Dozens of death row prisoners in Gambia risk imminent ...
28 August 2012

At least 38 people still on death row in The Gambia are at imminent risk of execution.


Gambia: All Gambian death row inmates to be executed
23 August 2012

Gambian president Yahya Jammeh has announced that all death row inmates will be executed by mid-September. Amnesty International urges the President ...

Urgent Action       AFR 27/005/2012

Gambia: Serving life imprisonment for the printing and ...
23 July 2012

Dr Amadou Scattred Janneh, a Gambian national who also has USA citizenship, was arrested on 7 June 2011 for being in possession of T-shirts made ...

Document       AFR 27/004/2012

Amnesty International | Gambia: Free activist jailed for life over ...
23 July 2012

An activist serving life imprisonment with hard labour for printing and distributing T-shirts calling for an end to the dictatorship in The Gambia must be ...

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國際特赦組織通訊 2012年7月/8月 第42卷 第4期
1 July 2012

2 WIRE [ 2012 ]. JUL/AUG 3. WIRE [ 2012 ]. © Amnesty International. © Amnesty International (photo: Ricardo Ramirez Arrida). JUL/AUG. ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2012

Wire, July/August 2012. Vol. 42, issue 04
1 July 2012

1) The Agenda 2) Up front "They know they are being watched" 3) Bhopal: Carrying the torch 4) International Day of the Disappeared: "Our life without ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2012

يوليو/ تموز - اغسطس/ آب 2012 المجلد 42 العد 004
1 July 2012

ﻩﺬه ةﺮﺸﻨﻟا ﺮﻴﻏ ةﺮﻓﻮﺘﻣ نﻵا فﻮﺳ ﻢﺘﻳ ﺎهﺮﺸﻧ ﺎﺒﻳﺮﻗ.

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2012