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The Wire, December 2010/January 2011. Vol. 40, issue 006
1 December 2010

1) 'I want to shout to the world' 2) LiveWire: Roma still treated like waste in Romania; Russian demonstrators vow to continue the fight for freedom of ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/2010

Act now for Femi Peters, Gambia | Amnesty International
10 November 2010

Take action for Femi Peters, Campaign Manager for the opposition party in Gambia, who is serving a one-year prison sentence for holding a peaceful ...

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Gambia: Write for rights 2010: Act now for Femi Peters
1 October 2010

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Document       AFR 27/008/2010

Gambia: Write for rights 2010: Act now for Femi Peters
1 October 2010

Femi Peters, Campaign Manager for the Gambian opposition United Democratic Party, was arrested during a peaceful demonstration organized by his ...

Document       AFR 27/008/2010

Gambia: Stop the rule of fear - take action!
22 July 2010

gambia: stop the rule of fear. take action! Take action! 1. join the campaign online at : ...

Document       AFR 27/006/2010

Gambia Global Day of Action | Amnesty International
22 July 2010

Government urged to end its widespread use of arbitrary detentions and torture as activists worldwide stage protests against the authorities' appalling ...

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Gambia: "Freedom Day" in The Gambia is a travesty
22 July 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: AFR 27/005/2010. 22 July 2010. “Freedom Day” in The Gambia is a travesty. ...

Public Statement       AFR 27/005/2010

Stop the rule of fear in Gambia | Amnesty International
20 July 2010

People from across the world are joining together to call on the government to uphold its people's basic rights.

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Gambia: End arbitrary detentions and torture on "Freedom ...
19 July 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ADVISORY AI Index: AFR 27/007/2010 19 July 2010. Gambia: End arbitrary detentions ...

PressItem       AFR 27/007/2010

GAMBIA | Amnesty International
24 June 2010

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