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Death Penalty News: December 1992
1 December 1992

1. Pakistan: Nineteen executions since April 1992; 2. AI urges Peru not to extend the death penalty; 3. Libya: Resumption of executions; 4. Bangladesh ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/005/1992

EXTRA 101/92 - Republic of Georgia: fear of imminent ...
19 November 1992

Gia Khachirashvili, an ethnic Georgian accused of siding with the Abkhazians in the current armed conflict with Georgian Government forces, was sentenced ...

Urgent Action       EUR 56/006/1992

Death Penalty News April 1992
31 March 1992

1. Switzerland: Total abolition of the death penalty approved by Parliament. 2. European Parliament calls for action against death penalty. 3. Georgia ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/002/1992

Europe: Moving towards complete abolition of the death ...
1 February 1992

This document is a survey of progress towards complete abolition of the death penalty in Europe. It gives a chronology of moves towards abolition from ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/1992