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Ghana: Time to abolish the death penalty.
17 April 2002

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESS RELEASE. 18 April 2002. AI Index AFR 28/001/2002 - News Service Nr. 69. Ghana ...

Press Release       AFR 28/001/2002

Ghana: Detention and abduction with impunity
24 August 2000

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. 25 August 2000. AI Index AFR 28/002/2000 - News Service Nr. 164. GHANA ...

Press Release       AFR 28/002/2000

Ghana: Briefing on death penalty
16 July 2000

As the Presidential elections approach in Ghana, Amnesty International is renewing its call for steps towards abolishing the death penalty, after seven ...

Report       AFR 28/001/2000

Ghana: Imprisonment of journalists
12 November 1999

News Service 213/99. AI INDEX: AFR 28/01/99. 12 November 1999. Ghana: Imprisonment of journalists. Yesterday's imprisonment ...

Press Release       AFR 28/001/1999

Ghana: Fear of refoulement
14 July 1997

Abdel Hakim Ben Amer Abubaker, a Libyan national; his wife and four children, Sudanese nationals: The above are currently being held at Accra Airport ...

Urgent Action       AFR 28/001/1997

Africa: In search of safety: the forcibly displaced and human ...
19 June 1997

One third of the world's refugees and more than half the internally displaced are in Africa. Widespread disregard for human rights has caused their forcible ...

Report       AFR 01/005/1997

West Africa: Liberian refugees should be granted asylum
16 May 1996

AI Index: AFR 05/03/96 News Service: 90/96. 17 May 1996. LIBERIA: LIBERIAN REFUGEES SHOULD BE GRANTED ASYLUM. ...

Press Release       AFR 05/003/1996

West Africa: Further information on: Refugees from Liberia on ...
14 May 1996

The more than 3000 refugees from Liberia on board the Bulk Challenge have been allowed off the freighter in the Ghanaian port of Takoradi and their ...

Urgent Action       AFR 05/002/1996

West Africa: Fear of refoulement: Refugees from Liberia on ...
13 May 1996

Some 3500 refugees from the war in Liberia, who fled on the freighter Bulk Challenge, are in danger of being forcibly returned to Liberia where their ...

Urgent Action       AFR 05/001/1996

Ghana: The first executions since 1990
25 October 1993

Twelve men were executed by firing squad in Ghana on 17 July 1993, in the first executions known to have taken place in Ghana since February 1990 ...

Report       AFR 28/001/1993