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West Africa: Liberian refugees should be granted asylum
16 May 1996

AI Index: AFR 05/03/96 News Service: 90/96. 17 May 1996. LIBERIA: LIBERIAN REFUGEES SHOULD BE GRANTED ASYLUM. ...

Press Release       AFR 05/003/1996

West Africa: Further information on: Refugees from Liberia on ...
14 May 1996

The more than 3000 refugees from Liberia on board the Bulk Challenge have been allowed off the freighter in the Ghanaian port of Takoradi and their ...

Urgent Action       AFR 05/002/1996

West Africa: Fear of refoulement: Refugees from Liberia on ...
13 May 1996

Some 3500 refugees from the war in Liberia, who fled on the freighter Bulk Challenge, are in danger of being forcibly returned to Liberia where their ...

Urgent Action       AFR 05/001/1996

Ghana: The first executions since 1990
25 October 1993

Twelve men were executed by firing squad in Ghana on 17 July 1993, in the first executions known to have taken place in Ghana since February 1990 ...

Report       AFR 28/001/1993

Amnesty International News Service 90/93
2 August 1993

1. Georgia: Alleged human rights violations during the conflict in Abkhazia. 2. Ghana: Text of letter from a former prisoner of conscience.

Report       NWS 11/090/1993

Ghana: Releases of political prisoners and new arrests
16 December 1992

AI welcomes the releases during 1992 of most political prisoners, including several prisoners of conscience, held in Ghana and also the repeal in ...

Report       AFR 28/009/1992

UA 381/92 - Ghana: fear of ill-treatment / legal concern ...
3 December 1992

AI is concerned about the detention without charge or trial of opposition leader Johnny Hansen, three wives and one brother of former political detainee ...

Urgent Action       AFR 28/008/1992

Weekly Update Service 13/92 (includes addition)
1 April 1992

1. Tunisia: Amnesty International welcomes cooperation, responds to government inaccuracies. 2. Ghana: Two prisoners of conscience (Major ...

Report       NWS 11/013/1992

Ghana: Two sentenced to death for murder
13 March 1992

Two people have recently been sentenced to death in Ghana in separate murder cases. Kwaku Duroh, aged 48, was convicted of murdering an 80-year ...

Report       AFR 28/002/1992

Further information on UA 399/91 (AFR 28/05/91, 15 ...
14 February 1992

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: AFR 28/01/92. Distr: UA/SC. 14 February 1992. Please bring this follow-up ...

Urgent Action       AFR 28/001/1992