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Greece: Arban Perlala - Amnesty International writes to Justice ...
25 January 2002

AI Index EUR 25/002/2002 - News Service Nr. 14. Embargoed for : 25/01/2002 00:01 GMT. Greece: Arban Perlala -- Amnesty ...

Press Release       EUR 25/002/2002

Greece: Further information on Fear of forcible return
10 December 2001

The Greek government have told local non-governmental organisations that the 55 Iraqi Kurds and Afghans will not be forcibly returned to Turkey.

Urgent Action       EUR 25/012/2001

Greece: Fear of forcible return
7 December 2001

On 3 December the Greek authorities forcibly returned 34 of a group of 89 Afghans and Iraqi Kurds to Turkey, without allowing them to apply for asylum ...

Urgent Action       EUR 25/011/2001

Greece: Sweep Operation: The alleged ill-treatment and ...
1 December 2001

Amnesty International continues to receive complaints that Greek police officers have beaten and otherwise ill-treated Albanian unauthorized migrant ...

Report       EUR 25/010/2001

Greece: Further information on Fear of forcible return
9 November 2001

The Greek authorities announced on 7 November that they would allow the 714 people aboard the Turkish-flagged ship now in Zakynthos port to apply ...

Urgent Action       EUR 25/009/2001

Greece: Fear of forcible return
6 November 2001

A Turkish-flagged ship carrying up to 1000 people, which was drifting in Greek waters after its engine failed, was towed to the island of Zakynthos by ...

Urgent Action       EUR 25/008/2001

Greece: Continuing discrimination against homosexual men
11 October 2001

12 October 2001. AI Index EUR 25/007/2001 - News Service Nr 180. Greece:Continuing discrimination against homosexual men. ...

Press Release       EUR 25/007/2001

Concerns in Europe January - June 2001
31 August 2001

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between January and June 2000. It also contains an index ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/003/2001

Greece: The alleged ill-treatment of two young Roma ...
31 August 2001

Amnesty International is concerned about allegations that members of the Roma community in Greece have been subjected to ill-treatment from police ...

Report       EUR 25/005/2001

Turkey/Greece: Further information on Fear for safety, torture ...
14 August 2001

All the African nationals stranded on the border between Greece and Turkey have now left the area: most have returned to Istanbul, while some are believed ...

Urgent Action       EUR 44/053/2001