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Greece: Violations of the right to freedom of expression: further ...
1 January 1993

This paper updates "Greece: violations of the right to freedom of expression" (EUR 25/15/92), giving information about two further instances of convictions ...

Report       EUR 25/001/1993

Racist torture and ill-treatment by police in Western Europe ...
11 December 1992

Cases of racist ill-treatment and torture by police in seven West European countries are described here. They are: the beating and ill-treatment of two ...

Report       EUR 03/001/1992

Greece: Violations of the right to freedom of expression
1 November 1992

AI is concerned about prosecutions and convictions of people in Greece for exercising their right to freedom of expression. Christos Sideropoulos and ...

Report       EUR 25/015/1992

Religious Action 1993 (includes correction)
30 September 1992

The cases reported here are: the killing of Quranic teacher Faky Ali Ahmat in Chad; killing of at least 37 people during a peaceful Catholic demonstration ...

Report       ACT 79/001/1992

Further information on UA 119/92 (EUR 25/05/92, 9 April and ...
5 August 1992


Urgent Action       EUR 25/011/1992

Women in the front line: appeals cases 1992
30 June 1992

This document contains cases of human rights violations of women from eight countries. The cases are: the reported ill-treatment of Maria Nicolaidou ...

Report       ACT 77/003/1992

Weekly Update Service 25/92 (includes addition)
23 June 1992

1. Viet Nam: Releases reported, some detainees still held. 2. Greece: Government responds to AI reports of torture.

Report       NWS 11/025/1992

AI News Release: Greece: torture and ill-treatment pattern ...
23 June 1992

AI Index: EUR 25/08/92. Distr:SC/PO. 0001 hrs gmt Wednesday 24 June 1992. £GREECE: @TORTURE AND ILL-TREATMENT PATTERN. ...

Press Release       EUR 25/008/1992

Greece: Torture and ill-treatment
23 June 1992

This report documents recent cases of alleged torture or ill-treatment by members of the security forces. In 1991 alone, AI received more than 40 reports ...

Report       EUR 25/006/1992

Further information on UA 119/92 (EUR 25/05/92, 9 April) ...
26 May 1992

EXTERNAL (for general distribution)AI Index: EUR 25/07/92. Distr: UA/SC. 27 May 1992. Further information on UA 119/92 ...

Urgent Action       EUR 25/007/1992