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Guatemala: Further information: Government refuses to protect ...
18 October 2011

Fourteen Q'echi indigenous communities in Guatemala, who were forcibly evicted in March 2011, have been told that the Guatemalan government won ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/014/2011

Wire, October/November 2011. Vol. 41, issue 05
1 October 2011

1) The Agenda 2) Up Front: Amnesty archives support case against Haiti's former dictator 3) No help from Europe 4) Police in the Dominican Republic ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/2011

Guatemala: Trade unionist killed in Guatemala
16 September 2011

UA: 283/11 Index: AMR 34/013/2011 Guatemala Date: 16 September 2011 URGENT ACTION TRADE UNIONIST KILLED IN GUATEMALA Trade ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/013/2011

Guatemala: Environmental activists threatened
30 August 2011

Staff at the Centre for Environmental, Social and Legal Action (Centro de Acción Legal, Ambiental y Social de Guatemala – CALAS) have received death ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/011/2011

Guatemala: Indigenous people evicted, attacked
17 August 2011

The rural community of Paraná, in Panzos, north-eastern Guatemala, was attacked by security guards on 10 August. A local company claims it owns ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/010/2011

Amnesty International | Guatemala: Presidential candidates ...
16 August 2011

Amnesty International today urged Guatemalan presidential candidates to prioritise tackling human rights violations affecting hundreds of thousands ...

Press Release      

Guatemala: Presidential candidates urged to address human ...
16 August 2011

Guatemalan presidential candidates are urged to commit to protecting and improving human rights ahead of elections in September.


Guatemala: Open Letter from Amnesty International to ...
16 August 2011

In this open letter, Amnesty International calls on all candidates in the forthcoming presidential elections on 11 September in Guatemala to commit ...

Open Letter       AMR 34/007/2011

Expert witnesses receive death threats after Guatemala ...
12 August 2011

Staff of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation have received death threats after testifying at a key trial on a 1982 massacre.


Guatemala: Experts who testified at trial threatened
11 August 2011

Four staff members of the Guatemalan Forensic Anthropology Foundation (Fundación de Antropología Forense Guatemala - FAFG) have received death ...

Urgent Action       AMR 34/008/2011