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Honduras: Indigenous leaders face unjust charges
12 September 2013

Three Honduran indigenous leaders face unfounded charges in relation to their actions as human rights defenders. A hearing is scheduled to take place ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/012/2013

Honduras: Human rights activists abducted in Honduras
30 July 2013

Two international volunteers, who were accompanying a Honduran community whose members are campaigning against a mining project were recently ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/008/2013

Honduras: Amnesty International condemns the recent killings ...
29 July 2013

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI index: AMR 37/007/2013. 29 July 2013. Honduras: Amnesty International ...

Public Statement       AMR 37/007/2013

Honduras: Army fires on protesters in Honduras
23 July 2013

On 15 July 2013 the army opened fire during a protest in Honduras, killing an Indigenous leader and seriously injuring his son. There are grave concerns ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/006/2013

Honduras: Further information: Body of abducted Honduran ...
12 July 2013

The dead body of Aníbal Barrow, a journalist who was abducted on 24 June, has been found following two weeks of searches by the Honduran authorities ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/005/2013

Honduras: Journalist kidnapped in Honduras
27 June 2013

On 24 June, Aníbal Barrow, a Honduran journalist, was kidnapped by three heavily-armed men in San Pedro Sula, northern Honduras. His whereabouts ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/004/2013

Honduras: Peasant farmers face death claiming land
30 May 2013

Several members of a peasant farmers' organization in northern Honduras have been attacked over a dispute with a local company which claims it owns ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/003/2013

Honduras: Human rights defender journalist threatened
2 May 2013

Honduran journalist Héctor Longino Becerra, a human rights defender, has been phoned by a man who threatened to murder him and his family.

Urgent Action       AMR 37/002/2013

Amnesty International | Honduras must investigate killing of ...
21 February 2013

Honduran authorities must urgently investigate the recent killing of Jose Trejo just five months after his brother, a prominent human rights lawyer, was ...

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Honduras: Honduran activist receives death threat: Patricio ...
7 February 2013

On 22 January, Honduran lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) rights activist Patricio Vindel, received a death threat. His life is at risk.

Urgent Action       AMR 37/001/2013