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Honduras: Human rights defender's life at risk: Karla Zelaya
1 October 2012

As a result of her human rights work with Honduran group Unified Campesino Movement of Aguán, human rights defender Karla Zelaya has received ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/012/2012

Honduras: Killing of human rights lawyer exposes dire need ...
25 September 2012

The brazen murder of a Honduran human rights lawyer underscores just why the country's authorities must step up their efforts to protect human rights ...


Honduras: LGBT activist's life in danger: Donny Reyes
17 August 2012

On 5 July, prominent LGBT activist Donny Reyes was pursued by an armed man on a motorbike. He managed to escape, but his life is in danger. The ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/010/2012

Report 2012: No longer business as usual for tyranny and ...
24 May 2012

Amnesty International releases its flagship yearly report documenting the state of the world's human rights.


Honduras: Public letter to the Honduran government: No more ...
18 May 2012

AI Index: TG AMR 37/2012.001. AMR 37/009/2012. 18 May 2012. PUBLIC LETTER TO THE HONDURAN GOVERNMENT. ...

Open Letter       AMR 37/009/2012

Honduras: Protection group in Honduras threatened
17 May 2012

Two European volunteers for an international protection project based in the Honduran capital, Tegucigalpa, were threatened in April. The volunteers ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/008/2012

Honduras: Human rights defenders threatened
30 April 2012

Four members of a prominent human rights organization in Honduras have recently been attacked, threatened and harassed. Their lives are in danger ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/007/2012

Honduras: Human rights journalist threatened: Dina Meza
18 April 2012

Dina Meza, a Honduran journalist and human rights activist, has received a series of threats of sexual violence against her in recent weeks. Her safety ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/006/2012

Amnesty International | Honduras urged to tackle prison ...
30 March 2012

Honduran authorities must urgently tackle chronic problems in their prisons, Amnesty International said after at least 13 inmates were killed in the latest ...

Press Release      

Honduras: Honduras set to ban emergency contraceptive
28 March 2012

Honduras is on the verge of becoming the only country in the world that criminalises the emergency contraceptive pill due to a Supreme Court ...

Urgent Action       AMR 37/005/2012