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Weekly update service 61/93
14 June 1993

1. India: Deaths and torture at the hands of security forces on the increase in Jammu and Kashmir (Masroof Sultan). 2. Amnesty International visits

Report       NWS 11/061/1993

UA 194/93 - India: "disappearance" in Jammu and Kashmir ...
14 June 1993

Nazir Ahmed Misri, a 26-year-old school teacher, was taken into custody on 7 June 1993 by members of the Border Security Forces in the area of Zero ...

Urgent Action       ASA 20/030/1993

India: Masroof Sultan: a rare survivor of torture and attempted ...
31 May 1993

This document relates the testimony of Masroof Sultan, a 19-year-old college student from Batamaloo, who survived brutal torture and three attempts ...

Report       ASA 20/028/1993

India: Rising reports of custodial deaths in Delhi
31 May 1993

Between 1 January 1993 and 11 April 1993, three men reportedly died in the custody of the Delhi police as a result of torture. These reports come in ...

Report       ASA 20/026/1993

UA 155/93 - India: "disappearance": Gurjit Singh
13 May 1993

There is concern for the safety of Gurjit Singh, aged 21, the son of Randhir Singh of Mohi village, Ludhiana district. On 8 May 1993 he was picked up ...

Urgent Action       ASA 20/025/1993

AI News Release: Indigenous peoples still at risk around the ...
11 May 1993

AI Index: ACT 30/02/93. Distr:SC/PO. 0001 hrs gmt Wednesday 12 May 1993. @INDIGENOUS PEOPLES STILL AT RISK AROUND THE WORLD. ...

Report       ACT 30/002/1993

Further information on UA 60/93 (ASA 20/11/93, 5 March) ...
9 May 1993

Amnesty International has received confirmation that torture victim Manzoor Ahmed Ganai, a young farmer from Wakoora village, died on 15 February ...

Urgent Action       ASA 20/024/1993

Amnesty International News, May 1993. Vol.23, No.2.
30 April 1993

1. Tadzhikistan: The tragedy the world ignores. 2. Chad: The nightmare continues. 3. Bosnia-Herzegovina: Sandzak Muslims abducted from Serbian ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1993

Amnesty International News, May 1993. Vol.23, No.5.
30 April 1993

e ME YHAPOJEIHASI AMHICTItil BionnErEHb. Ayuutn6e, TannumneTan: Tpyn KR3HeHHOITO BHeCyae6HOH HR ynnue ropoaa. ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1993

UA 136/93 - India: death in custody: Constable Riaz Ahmed
26 April 1993

AI is concerned about continuing reports of deaths in custody in Jammu and Kashmir. The most recent such death reportedly occurred on 21 April 1993 ...

Urgent Action       ASA 20/023/1993