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Iraq: Further information: Iraqi detainees transferred
25 May 2012

Four men who were previously being held incommunicado in Iraq now have access to their lawyers and relatives. 'Amer Ahmad Kassar, Mu'ad Muhammad ...

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Report 2012: No longer business as usual for tyranny and ...
24 May 2012

Amnesty International releases its flagship yearly report documenting the state of the world's human rights.


Iraq: Further information: Iraqi detainees report torture
11 May 2012

A group of detainees held in Iraq, who were accused in a television programme of terrorism-related offences, have reported that they have been tortured ...

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Iraq: Iraqi men detained incommunicado
3 May 2012

Four men arrested over the past few weeks are being held incommunicado. At the end of April a local TV channel broadcast a programme which accused ...

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Iraq: Further information: One of two arrested women released
26 April 2012

One of the two women working for the Iraqi Vice-President's Office who were arrested on 1 January has been released. The other woman's whereabouts ...

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Arab League summit in Iraq: Amnesty International specialists ...
28 March 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ADVISORY AI index: IOR 65/001/2012. Date: 28 March 2012. Arab League summit ...

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Amnesty International | Iraq: Investigate 'Emo' Attacks
16 March 2012

The government of Iraq should immediately investigate and bring to justice those responsible for a targeted campaign of intimidation and violence against ...

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Iraq must reveal whereabouts of Vice-President's detained ...
30 January 2012

Two women working for Iraq's vice-president have been arrested and are being held incommunicado.


Iraqi women held without charge
27 January 2012

Two women employed by Iraq's Vice-President's Office were arrested on 1 January 2012. Their current whereabouts are not known. The Iraqi authorities ...

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Iraq: Further Information: Halt the Execution of Eleven Iraqi ...
20 January 2012

The Iraqi presidency has ratified the sentences of 11 men sentenced to death in 2010 for their alleged involvement in causing bomb explosions in August ...

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