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Iraq: Victims of systematic repression
24 November 1999

This document examines human rights violations that continue to take place systematically in Iraq. They range from arbitrary arrest and detention, to ...

Report       MDE 14/010/1999

Iraq: Amnesty International exposes recent abuses
24 November 1999

News Service: 216/99. AI INDEX: MDE 14/13/99. EMBARGOED UNTIL 0001 HRS GMT 24 NOVEMBER 1999. Iraq: Amnesty ...

Press Release       MDE 14/013/1999

Iraq: Fear of torture / execution
25 October 1999

On 25 October 1999 'Ali Jabbar 'Adwan, Sattar Jabbar 'Adwan, Sa'ad 'Abdul Ridha Raisan and Laith 'Adil 'Ali made a televised confession to the killing ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/011/1999

Iraq: Further information on fear of torture: Ahlam Khadom ...
7 September 1999

Ahlam Khadom Rammahi was released from custody on 7 September 1999. She is now staying with an uncle in Baghdad.

Urgent Action       MDE 14/009/1999

Iraq: Fear of torture: Ahlam Khadom Rammahi
31 August 1999

Mrs Ahlam Khadom Rammahi, a British citizen, was arrested in Baghdad on 5 August 1999 and her whereabouts are now unknown. Amnesty International ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/008/1999

Jordan: Further information on fear for safety: al-Salihi family
30 August 1999

Robar, Omaed, Joanne and Gulbahar Yahia Latif al-Salihi were granted safe passage from Jordan to Syria. The fate and whereabouts of Jotiar Yahia ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/014/1999

Jordan: Further information on fear for safety: al-Salihi family
23 August 1999

Amnesty International has learned that Robar, Omaed, Joanne and Gulbahar Yahia Latif al-Salihi have been arrested by the Jordanian Public Security ...

Urgent Action       MDE 16/013/1999

USA : Further information on fear of indiscriminate mass killing ...
17 August 1999

Air strikes by US and UK forces against Iraqi targets inside the southern and northern air exclusion zones have continued and reportedly resulted in the ...

Urgent Action       AMR 51/133/1999

Iraq: Amnesty International's position concerning possible ...
16 August 1999

News Service: 156/99. EXTERNAL. AI INDEX: MDE 14/07/99. 17 August 1999. Austria: A Vienna city councillor has filed a ...

Press Release       MDE 14/007/1999

Iraq: UN Security Council considers the Humanitarian Panel's ...
27 July 1999

News Service: 144/99. AI INDEX: MDE 14/06/99. 28 July 1999. Iraq: UN Security Council Considers the Humanitarian Panel's Report on Sanctions. ...

Press Release       MDE 14/006/1999