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Prescription for change: health professionals and the ...
21 May 1996

Health professionals have opportunities and responsibilities in the documentation of human rights violations. Factors impeding against the playing ...

Report       ACT 75/001/1996

Irak: Marquages au fer rouge, amputations, peine de mort: l' ...
31 March 1996

Irak: Marquages au fer rouge, amputations, peine de mort: l'Etat a recours a des chatiments cruels

Report       MDE 14/003/1996

Iraq: State cruelty: branding, amputation and the death penalty
31 March 1996

In 1994 the Revolutionary Command Council in Iraq introduced a series of decrees which called for amputation of hands and ears and branding of the ...

Report       MDE 14/003/1996

Iraq: fear of "disappearance", torture and execution
26 January 1996

Ahamd Salim, shop keeper, Haidar 'Abd al-Jabar, student, Falih Maktuf, lawyer, Ahmad 'Abd al-Sattar, businessman, 'Ali Talib, transport worker, Hazim ...

Urgent Action       MDE 14/001/1996

Children's Day action 1995: Appeal case leaflets
20 November 1995

This action consists of cases from seven countries, illustrating the types of violations suffered by children and young people around the world. The cases ...

Report       ACT 76/001/1995

Amnesty International News, November 1995. Vol. 25, No.11.
1 November 1995

1. Fourth United Nations World Conference on Women: Women confront the world; 2. Nepal: Prisoners of conscience; 3. Egypt: Civilians targeted for ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/011/1995

Amnesty International News, November 1995. Vol. 25, No.11.
1 November 1995

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Newsletter       NWS 21/011/1995

The death penalty: No solution to illicit drugs
2 October 1995

This report provides compelling evidence of the futility and injustice of trying to use the death penalty to suppress drug trafficking and abuse. Some 26 ...

Report       ACT 51/002/1995

Children's human rights: The theory / the reality
31 August 1995

This leaflet gives information on the theory of child human rights protection, as formulated in the Convention on the Rights of the Child. It also gives ...

Newsletter       ACT 76/005/1995

Juveniles and the death penalty: executions worldwide since ...
29 August 1995

Since 1985, eight countries have executed juvenile offenders - those sentenced to death for crimes committed when they were under 18 - even though ...

Report       ACT 50/005/1995