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Italy: The witch-hunt against Roma people must end
23 July 2008

Amnesty International is deeply concerned about actions taken by the Italian authorities targeting the Roma community. These actions include forced ...

Report       EUR 30/006/2008

Video: Abu Omar, victim of rendition and secret detention ...
24 June 2008

Abu Omar was rendered by US agents, via Germany, to Egypt, where he was heldfor nearly four years, including 14 months in secret detention.

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Europe: Victims of rendition and secret detention still seeking ...
24 June 2008

This report provides detailed information on six cases of rendition and secret detention – involving 13 individuals – which demonstrate both the pattern ...

Report       EUR 01/012/2008

Italy: Attacks against Roma communities in Italy
23 May 2008

AI Index: EUR 30/002/2008 (Public). Attacks against Roma communities in Italy. “All Roma camps will have to be dismantled ...

Document       EUR 30/002/2008

Italy: Anti-Roma events in Italy are a wake up call for the EU
20 May 2008

Italy: Anti-Roma events in Italy are a wake up call for the EU

Document       EUR 30/001/2008

Video: Worldwide actions to close Guantánamo | Amnesty ...
18 January 2008

Thousands of people, including Amnesty International members and supporters from around the world, have taken action to mark the sixth anniversary ...

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The world shouts 'Close Guantánamo' | Amnesty International
16 January 2008

Thousands join worldwide protests marking the sixth anniversary of the first transfers of detainees to Guantánamo on 11 January.


India: Indian helicopters for Myanmar: making a mockery of ...
16 July 2007

EU non-governmental organisations are concerned at reports from credible sources that the Government of India may transfer military helicopters to ...

Report       ASA 20/014/2007

2007 Elections to the United Nations Human Rights Council ...
1 May 2007

On 17 May 2007, UN Member States will elect 14 members of the UN Human Rights Council. Amnesty International is providing in this document a brief ...

Report       IOR 41/012/2007

Amnesty International's Secretary General to launch global ...
20 April 2007

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Media Advisory. AI Index: EUR 30/007/2007 (Public). News Service No: 078. 20 April 2007. ...

Press Release       EUR 30/007/2007