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29 October 2008


Document       ASA 22/007/2008

Worldwide Appeals: October 2008
1 October 2008

1) Japan: Forty years on death row 2) Nigeria: Indefinite detention 3) Saudi Arabia: Executions and floggings may be imminent 4) Turkey: Activist in police ...

Document       NWS 22/002/2008

Japan: Fear of imminent execution: Makino Tadashi (m)
1 October 2008

Death row prisoner Makino Tadashi has just had his latest appeal for clemency rejected on 30 September 2008, and is at imminent risk of execution. ...

Urgent Action       ASA 22/010/2008

Japan: New executions emphasize need for death penalty ...
11 September 2008

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 11 September 2008. AI Index No: ASA 22/008/2008. Japan: New executions ...

Document       ASA 22/008/2008

Japan: Amnesty International Submission to the UN Human ...
1 September 2008

Japan. Amnesty International Submission to the UN Human Rights Committee. 94 th session of the UN Human Rights Committee ...

Document       ASA 22/012/2008

Japan: Further Information on Fear of imminent execution ...
27 June 2008

Makino Tadashi, who lost his final appeal on 29 May 2008, was in danger of execution in June. He remains on death row.

Urgent Action       ASA 22/005/2008

Japan: Amnesty International condemns latest round of ...
17 June 2008

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public statement. Index no: ASA 22/004/2008 (Public). 17 June 2008. Japan: Amnesty International ...

Document       ASA 22/004/2008

Japan: Fear of Imminent Execution: Makino Tadashi
6 June 2008

Death row prisoner Makino Tadashi has just had his appeal for clemency rejected, and so is at imminent risk of execution. He is held in Fukuoka ...

Urgent Action       ASA 22/002/2008

Philippines: Open Letter: House Resolution 124 calling on the ...
3 June 2008

In this letter Amnesty International strongly urges the government of Japan to bring House Resolution 124 to a re-vote. This Resolution calls on the ...

Document       ASA 35/001/2008

Ejecuciones secretas
1 June 2008

Ejecuciones secretas

Document       ACT 50/008/2008