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Death Penalty: Media Briefing: Amnesty International's death ...
24 March 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. MEDIA BRIEFING. EMBARGO: 24 March 2009 00:01 GMT. AI Index: ACT 50/006/2009. Amnesty ...

Document       ACT 50/006/2009

Japan: Deportation of Filipino couple from Japan is a violation ...
5 March 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI Index: ASA 22/004/2009. 5 March 2009. Deportation of Filipino couple ...

Document       ASA 22/004/2009

Japan: Fear of Imminent Execution
27 February 2009

The five men named in this action, who were convicted of murder between 2002 and 2007, are now believed to be at imminent risk of execution. Justice ...

Urgent Action       ASA 22/002/2009

Japan: Further information on fear of imminent execution ...
29 January 2009

Makino Tadashi was hanged on 29 January. He was one of four men put to death that day.

Urgent Action       ASA 22/001/2009

Japan: Still Waiting for Justice!
3 November 2008

Japan: Still Waiting for Justice!

Document       ASA 22/011/2008

Japan urged to restore dignity to WWII "comfort women" ...
3 November 2008

The UN Human Rights Committee has called on the Government of the Japanto restore dignity to the survivors of Japan's military sexual slaverysystem ...


Testimonies from Judges and Prosecutors on the Death ...
1 November 2008

On 21 October 2008, four judges and prosecutors from Japan, Jordan, Nigeria and the USA, who have participated in death penalty cases, gave their ...

Report       ACT 50/018/2008

Japan: Hakamada Iwao [Global letter-writing marathon 2008]
29 October 2008

Hakamada Iwao is suffering from mental illness after spending over 28 years in solitary confinement and lives with the constant fear of execution. After ...

Document       ASA 22/007/2008

29 October 2008


Document       ASA 22/007/2008

Worldwide Appeals: October 2008
1 October 2008

1) Japan: Forty years on death row 2) Nigeria: Indefinite detention 3) Saudi Arabia: Executions and floggings may be imminent 4) Turkey: Activist in police ...

Document       NWS 22/002/2008