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Kuwait: Further information: Kuwaiti journalist freed
10 February 2010

Amnesty International has learnt that Kuwaiti journalist Muhammad 'Abd al-Qader al-Jasem was released on bail on 4 December 2009, 12 days after ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/002/2010

Kuwait: Migrant worker faces execution: Jakatia Pawa (f)
25 January 2010

The death sentence against a Filipina female domestic worker, Jakatia Pawa, was upheld by Kuwait's Court of Cassation on 19 January 2010. The sentence ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/001/2010

Kuwait: Journalist detained in Kuwait
25 November 2009

Male Kuwaiti journalist, Muhammad 'Abd al-Qader al-Jasem, was detained at a Criminal Investigation office in Kuwait City on 22 November. At a private ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/002/2009

Kuwait | Amnesty International
5 September 2009

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Kuwait: Further Information on Death penalty: May Membriri ...
26 June 2009

Filipina domestic worker May Membriri Vecina was pardoned on 1 June 2009 by the Amir of Kuwait. She should be returned to the Philippines on 24 ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/001/2009

Middle East and North Africa: Challenging Repression ...
11 March 2009

In the Middle East and North Africa region, human rights defenders are all too often vilified, persecuted and even criminalized for their peaceful activities ...

Document       MDE 01/001/2009

Kuait - Amnesty International Report 2008 | Amnesty ...
8 October 2008

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Kuait - Amnesty International Report 2008 | Amnesty ...
8 October 2008

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Kuwait: Death penalty: Sheikh Talal bin Nasser al-Sabah (m)
26 June 2008

Sheikh Talal bin Nasser al-Sabah was sentenced to death in December 2007 on drug-trafficking charges. He could be executed within a month.

Urgent Action       MDE 17/002/2008

Kuwait: Death penalty: May Membriri Vecina (f)
4 April 2008

The death sentence of May Membriri Vecina, a Filipina domestic worker, was upheld by Kuwait's Court of Cassation on 1 April 2008. The sentence will ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/001/2008