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State Injustice: Unfair trials in the Middle East & North Africa ...
1 March 1998

The appeal cases leaflets feature: Rachid Mesli (Algeria); Sayyid Jalal Sayyid 'Alawi Sayyid Sharaf (Bahrain); Dr 'Abd al-Mun'im Abu al-Futuh, Mohammad ...

Newsletter       MDE 01/003/1998

Kuwait: Further information on Death penalty
1 October 1997

Hassan Mohamed Helal and Hamdi Abdel Azim Khalil, both Egyptian nationals: The two above-named individuals were both executed on 21 September ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/004/1997

Kuwait: Death penalty
18 June 1997

Hassan Mohamed Helal, Hamdi Abdel Azim Khalil, Egyptian nationals: Amnesty International has received reports that a court of appeal in Kuwait has ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/003/1997

Kuwait: Further information on fear of forcible return / fear of ...
7 April 1997

Still detained: Muhammad Mirza, Shaikh 'Abd al-Nabi al-Sitrawi, Rashed 'Abdullah Rashed, 'Adel al-Hayki, 'Ali al-Hayki; Released: 'Abd al-Jalil Shuwaikh ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/002/1997

Kuwait: Fear of forcible return / fear of torture
1 April 1997

Muhammad Mirza, 'Abd al-Jalil al-Shuwaikh, Shaikh 'Abd al-Nabi al-Sitrawi, Rashed 'Abdullah Rashed, 'Adel al-Hayki, 'Ali al-Hayki, Hussain al-Hayki ...

Urgent Action       MDE 17/001/1997

Amnesty International News, November 1996. Vol.26, No.9.
1 November 1996

e ME YllOPOMOR eilkInCTIV. 610AAETEElb COCTONBUISBC11 ron HamaBa3111 Ken Capo-linaa if 8 apyrnx 331KJ1109eFIHNIX ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/009/1996

Amnesty International News, November 1996. Vol.26, No.9.
1 November 1996

1. Nigeria: Contempt for human rights continues; 2. Ecuador: Prisoners of conscience freed; 3. News in brief; 4. Albania: Post-election protesters attacked ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/009/1996

Kuwait: Further information on death penalty: Badr 'Abd al ...
22 September 1996

The above was executed on 22 September 1996, after having been convicted of premeditated murder and the possession of drugs.

Urgent Action       MDE 17/007/1996

Kuwait: Hussein Qambar 'Ali: death threats
31 July 1996

On 29 May 1996 a Kuwaiti Islamic family court declared "Robert" Hussein Qambar 'Ali, a convert to Christianity, an apostate. This is the first legal case ...

Report       MDE 17/005/1996

Amnesty International News, July 1996. Vol.26, No.7.
30 June 1996

1. Brazil: Human rights placed in the spotlight; 2. United States of America (Georgia): Olympic host state is fifth highest for executions; 3. Burundi: Death ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/1996