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The Wire, June 2002. Vol. 32, No.5.
31 May 2002

1.) Israel and the Occupied Territories: Grief must lead to change; AI Secretary General Irene Khan's eye witness account after a visit to Israel and the ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/2002

The Wire, October 2001. Vol.31, No.7.
30 September 2001

q 07 Ja..i.J1.31 s.1.7NAJI .2001 J3V1,.:),1,1-7.)71.9:61 October 2001. Vol 31. No 07. a. .1992 .1o1...,17).„11)4 6 pU i .3111 Lb.&. ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/008/2001

The Wire, October 2001. Vol.31, No.7.
30 September 2001

1.) One more victim of Chernobyl: Eminent Belarusian scientist imprisoned after criticizing official investigations; 2.) Habré evades justice; 3.) Systematic ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/008/2001

Take a Step to Stamp out Torture
17 October 2000

This report, published for the launch of the Campaign Against Torture, draws on recent reports of torture and ill-treatment from more than 150 countries ...

Report       ACT 40/013/2000

Bhutan: Nationality, Expulsion, Statelessness and the Right to ...
31 August 2000

This document outlines the application of international human rights standards to questions of nationality, statelessness and repatriation and examines ...

Report       ASA 14/001/2000

Torture campaign leaflets
31 July 2000

These fourteen leaflets, part of Amnesty International's Campaign Against Torture, contain specific details of torture and ill-treatment, including deaths ...

Newsletter       ACT 40/008/2000

Laos: Further information on fear of Torture - one person ...
14 June 2000

Two people are now known to have been arrested near the Morning Market in Vientiane on or after 7 June 2000 on suspicion of involvement in a bomb ...

Urgent Action       ASA 26/007/2000

Laos: Fear of Torture - one person, name unknown,arrested
6 June 2000

Amnesty International fears for the safety of one person reportedly arrested today in the Laotian capital, Vientiane, on suspicion of involvement in a bomb ...

Urgent Action       ASA 26/006/2000

Lao People's Democratic Republic: The October Protesters ...
30 May 2000

This report appeals to the Lao authorities to account for the fate and whereabouts of five men: Thongpaseuth Keuakoun; Kamphouvieng Sisaath; ...

Report       ASA 26/004/2000

Laos: Where are the missing protestors?
29 May 2000

Amnesty International Public document - AI Index ASA 26/005/2000 - News Service Nr. 100. Embargoed for : 30/05/2000 17:00 GMT. ...

Press Release       ASA 26/005/2000