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From the field: Syrian refugees in Lebanon risk their lives for ...
12 March 2014

A growing number of Syrians living in refugee camps in Lebanon are having to risk their lives to seek medical care.


An international failure: The Syrian refugee crisis
13 December 2013

In the space of 12 months, 1.8 million people fled the armed conflict in Syria. This briefing provides an overview of the conditions of refugees from Syria ...

Report       ACT 34/001/2013

Lebanon: All attacks targeting civilians must stop
21 November 2013

A MNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 21 November 2013. AI Index: MDE 18/003/2013. Lebanon: All attacks ...

Public Statement       MDE 18/003/2013

Jordan: Growing restrictions growing restrictions, tough ...
31 October 2013

Almost one third of Syria's population have fled their homes. More than 2 million are refugees living outside Syria – mostly in Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey ...

Report       MDE 16/003/2013

Amnesty International | Lebanon: No excuse for targeting ...
16 August 2013

Those behind Thursday's deadly attack in a Hizbullah-dominated area in southern Beirut must stop targeting civilians, Amnesty International said today ...

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Egypt turns away Syrians | Amnesty International
10 July 2013

Some 259 people fleeing violence and civil war in Syria turned back at Cairo Airport.


Lebanon: Torture allegations in wake of Sidon armed clashes
9 July 2013

Information indicates that the death in custody of Nader al-Bayoumi, detained following armed clashes between the military and followers of Sunni Muslim ...

Document       MDE 18/001/2013

Amnesty International | Lebanon: Death in custody and torture ...
9 July 2013

The Lebanese authorities must conduct a full investigation into the death in custody of Nader al-Bayoumi, a 35-year-old man detained following armed ...

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Turkey: National authorities and the international community ...
25 April 2013

The ongoing internal armed conflict in Syria is fuelling a mass outflow of people seeking safety abroad, with more than 1.3 million refugees from Syria ...

Report       EUR 44/009/2013