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Weekly update service 57/93
8 June 1993

1. USA: Commutation and reprieves granted, but executions still loom ahead. 2. Liberia: Amnesty International condemns killings.

Report       NWS 11/057/1993

Weekly update service 47/92 (includes addition)
25 November 1992

1. Djibouti: Amnesty International criticizes convictions by security tribunal and appeals for release of prisoners of conscience (including Ali Aref); 2. ...

Report       NWS 11/047/1992

Weekly Update Service 44/92 (includes three additions)
3 November 1992

1. Sudan: Both sides committing grave abuses in the South. 2. Peru: Amnesty International urges government not to extend death penalty. 3. Turkey: ...

Report       NWS 11/044/1992

Africa: Amnesty International's concerns and activities on ...
30 April 1991

This document consists of the text of a written statement submitted to the 18th meeting of the Organization of African Unity Coordinating Committee for ...

Report       AFR 01/004/1991