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Libya: Serious human rights violations amid secrecy and ...
24 June 1997

News Service 108/97. AI INDEX: MDE/19/11/97. EMBARGOED UNTIL 0001HRS GMT 25 JUNE 1997. Libya: Serious Human ...

Press Release       MDE 19/011/1997

Libya: Dr 'Omran 'Omar al-Turbi
24 June 1997

There is concern at the prolonged detention without charge or trial of Dr 'Omran 'Omar al-Turbi, a dentist, who was arrested on 28 May 1984 and is believed ...

Report       MDE 19/012/1997

Malta: Fear of refoulement: Najib al-Hashemi al-Harari
8 May 1997

There are fears that Najib al-Hashemi al-Harari, a Libyan political refugee, is at risk of forcible return to Libya where he would face serious human rights ...

Urgent Action       EUR 33/001/1997

Amnesty International News March 1997
1 March 1997

1. Colombia: A long search for justice; 2. UN Commission on Human Rights: 50 years on: time for action; 3. News in brief: Nigeria, Kenya, Tunisia, Iran ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/1997

Death Penalty News March 1997
1 March 1997

1. United Nations calls for halt to executions; 2. Council of Europe condemns Russia and Ukraine for continuing executions; 3. USA: American Bar ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/002/1997

Libya: Further information on "disappearance" / fear for safety
15 January 1997

Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Jad, late 20s, Ayman Salim Mohamed Dababich, engineer, late 20s: Ibrahim Mohamed Ibrahim Jad was released in November ...

Urgent Action       MDE 19/003/1997

Libya: Further information on torture / fear of execution
6 January 1997

Col. Miftah Qarrum al-Wirfali, Major Ramadhan al-'Ayhuri, Major Khalil Salam Mohammad al-Jidiq, Col. Mostafa Abu al-Qassim Mas'ud al-Kikli; and new ...

Urgent Action       MDE 19/002/1997

Libya: Amnesty International condemns the latest executions ...
3 January 1997


Press Release       MDE 19/001/1997

Amnesty International News January 1997. Vol. 27, No.1
1 January 1997

1. Great Lakes Region: Human rights crisis in Central Africa; 2. United Kingdom: Another death in police custody; 3. Nigeria: Launch in South Africa of ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/001/1997

Saudi Arabia: Further information on fear of refoulement / fear ...
29 November 1996

Khaled Sulayman al-Musrati (Libyan), aged 29, Khalifa Mohammad al-Hajji (Libyan), aged 26: Amnesty International has learned that the two Libyan ...

Urgent Action       MDE 23/013/1996