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Blog - Fair trials still out of reach in Libya | Amnesty ...
7 September 2012

Libya's new Congress and justice system struggle to break a legacy of systematic human rights violations.


Libya: Former intelligence chief must be surrendered ...
5 September 2012

Mauritania should have surrendered Abdullah al-Senussi to the ICC instead of extraditing him to Libya.


Libyan militia must release media workers detained while ...
11 July 2012

Two men from the Misratah-based Tobakets TV and radio station were detained south of Tripoli by militias from Beni Walid.


Libya: Release of four ICC staffers held in Libya
10 July 2012

Four staff of the International Criminal Court (ICC) were released on 2 July 2012 after being held in detention in Libya for 26 days after meeting Saif al ...

Urgent Action       MDE 19/015/2012

Amnesty International Libya expert available from London for ...
6 July 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL MEDIA ADVISORY AI Index: MDE 19/014/2012 Date: 6 July 2012 . Amnesty International ...

PressItem       MDE 19/014/2012

Libya: Rule of law or rule of militias?
5 July 2012

The new Libyan authorities will face the difficult task of fixing a country left damaged and divided by four decades of repressive and arbitrary rule. The ...

Report       MDE 19/012/2012

Libya: Militia stranglehold corrosive for rule of law | Amnesty ...
4 July 2012

Ongoing human rights violations in Libya are casting a shadow over the country's first national elections since the fall of al-Gaddafi.


Libya: Detention of ICC staff undermines Saif al-Gaddafi's right ...
2 July 2012

The detention of four ICC staffers in Libya not only denied them their liberty and stopped their work, but it also undermined Saif al-Islam al-Gaddafi's right ...


國際特赦組織通訊 2012年7月/8月 第42卷 第4期
1 July 2012

2 WIRE [ 2012 ]. JUL/AUG 3. WIRE [ 2012 ]. © Amnesty International. © Amnesty International (photo: Ricardo Ramirez Arrida). JUL/AUG. ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2012

Wire, July/August 2012. Vol. 42, issue 04
1 July 2012

1) The Agenda 2) Up front "They know they are being watched" 3) Bhopal: Carrying the torch 4) International Day of the Disappeared: "Our life without ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2012