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Lithuania: Fear of imminent execution: Boris Dekanidze
11 May 1995

Boris Dekanidze was sentenced to death in November 1994 for ordering the murder of an investigative journalist. In February 1995 the Lithuanina Supreme ...

Urgent Action       EUR 53/001/1995

Russian Federation: Armed conflict in the Chechen Republic ...
31 March 1995

This report on AI's concerns in the Chechen conflict contains information gathered from a variety of sources - journalists, alleged victims, other ...

Report       EUR 46/010/1995

Death Penalty News March 1995
1 March 1995

1. Pakistan: 14-year-old boy acquitted (Salamat Masih); 2. Abolitionist and retentionist countries; 3. Papua New Guinea: First death sentence; 4. South ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/001/1995

Republic of Lithuania: Boris Dekanidze
28 November 1994

Boris Dekanidze, a 32-year-old stateless man of Georgian origin, was sentenced to death by the Lithuanian Supreme Court on 10 November 1994. ...

Report       EUR 53/007/1994

Republic of Lithuania: Aleksandras Gladkovas
27 June 1994

Aleksandras Gladkovas was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of Lithuania on 14 June 1994. He was convicted of the murders of two people ...

Report       EUR 53/005/1994

Republic of Lithuania: Jozas Maksimavicus
10 January 1994

According to a report by ITAR-TASS news agency, Jozas Maksimavicus was sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of Lithuania on 20 December ...

Report       EUR 53/001/1994

Violations of the human rights of homosexuals: extracts from ...
1 January 1994

This document is a compilation of extracts from action materials produced by Amnesty International since September 1991 which particularly concern ...

Report       POL 30/001/1994

Amnesty International News, October 1993. Vol.23, No. 10
30 September 1993


Newsletter       NWS 21/007/1993

Amnesty International News, October 1993. Vol.23, No.7.
30 September 1993

1. North Korea: Evidence of systematic abuses emerges. 2. Tunisia: Deaths in custody linked to torture. 3. The former USSR: Homosexual sex ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/007/1993

Republic of Lithuania: Vidmantas Zibaitis
14 September 1993

Vidmantas Zibaitis has been sentenced to death by the Supreme Court of Lithuania on 2 September 1993. According to a report in the Baltic Observer ...

Report       EUR 53/003/1993