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Mali: The military junta continues to impose the law
22 June 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. Index AI: AFR 37/003/2012. 22 June 2012. Mali: The military junta continues to impose the ...

Public Statement       AFR 37/003/2012

Report 2012: No longer business as usual for tyranny and ...
24 May 2012

Amnesty International releases its flagship yearly report documenting the state of the world's human rights.


Mali's worst human rights situation in 50 years | Amnesty ...
16 May 2012

Fighting in northern Mali has displaced hundreds of thousands of people and led to dozens of human rights violations.


Mali: Five months of crisis: Armed rebellion and military coup
16 May 2012

Mali is facing its worst crisis since independence in 1960. The entire north of the country has been taken over by armed groups. Tens of thousands of ...

Report       AFR 37/001/2012

Amnesty International | Mali's worst human rights situation in ...
16 May 2012

Hundreds of thousands of people have been displaced by fighting in northern Mali and dozens have been subjected to arbitrary detention, extra-judicial ...

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Mali: End attacks and detention of peaceful protesters amid ...
29 March 2012

Politicians and activists protesting a military coup in Mali have been attacked and injured during a peaceful rally in the capital Bamako.


Mali: Coup heralds period of uncertainty on human rights ...
23 March 2012

Leaders of the military coup against President Amadou Toumani Touré's Mali government urged to release politicians from custody.


Mali: Government must stop bombing civilians | Amnesty ...
23 February 2012

Bombings by Malian government forces in the north of the country are killing civilians in violation of international humanitarian law.


Violence in northern Mali causing a human rights crisis ...
16 February 2012

Fighting in northern Mali has left dozens dead and caused thousands of refugees to flee to neighbouring countries.


Amnesty International statement to African Commission on ...
11 October 2011

In this statement, Amnesty International focuses on the status of the death penalty in Africa and progress towards its abolition. Among the 53 State Parties ...

Document       IOR 63/005/2011