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Death Penalty News: January – March 2008
11 April 2008

1) Africa: Mali; Nigeria; Tunisia 2) Americas: Guatemala; USA 3) Asia and Pacific: China; Indonesia; North Korea 4) Europe and Central Asia: Belarus ...

Report       ACT 53/002/2008

The Wire, October 2007. Vol. 37, No. 9
1 October 2007

1) Fear and violence in the wild north 2) Bush gives green light to CIA secret detention 3) Stop the Death Penalty -The World Decides: Why a global ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/009/2007

The Wire, June 2006. Vol. 36, No.5.
31 May 2006

1) Rise in recruitment of child soldiers in DRC 2) Humanitarian crisis in Occupied Territories 3) Rural communities in Guatemala violently evicted 4) ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/005/2006

2006 Elections to the Human Rights Council: Background ...
30 April 2006

In order to assist Member States in assessing the contribution and commitment of candidates to the promotion and protection of human rights, this document ...

Report       IOR 41/006/2006

FGM project newsletter - February 2004
1 February 2004

Report       ACT 77/014/2004

Control Arms Campaign: Tangible momentum and potential ...
10 December 2003

On this 55th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights,threats of new terrorist attacks and the dangers of weapons of massdestruction ...


West Africa: Time to abolish the death penalty
9 October 2003

This doument summarizes each of the 16 ECOWAS countries' legislation on the death penalty, provides information on the most recent executions and ...

Report       AFR 05/003/2003

Mali: Amnesty International's Secretary General meets ...
16 December 1999

News Service 237/99. AI INDEX: AFR 37/01/99. 16 December 1999. MEDIA ADVISORY. MALI. Amnesty International's Secretary ...

Press Release       AFR 37/001/1999

Mali: An unfair trial and torture with impunity compromise the ...
30 September 1998

This document provides details of the unfair trial of Mady Diallo and six soldiers which was attended by two AI delegates. The delagates were able to ...

Report       AFR 37/001/1998

Mali: Basic liberties at risk
1 November 1997

Thsi document presents AI's concerns about the repeated violations of human rights which threaten the construction of a state governed by the rule of ...

Report       AFR 37/001/1997