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Morocco: Medical concern: continuing hunger-strike
7 November 1990

Two students, Hassan Aharrat and Noureddine Jouhari, remain on hunger- strike more than five years after first refusing food. According to reports, they ...

Report       MDE 29/021/1990

Africa: Appeals for academics and students who are prisoners ...
30 September 1990

This report updates "Academics imprisoned in African countries who are prisoners of conscience" (AFR 01/02/89). It provides new information about ...

Report       AFR 01/001/1990

Morocco: Medical concern: Prolonged hunger strike
14 September 1989

Medical Action       MDE 29/007/1989

Report of an Amnesty International Mission to the Kingdom of ...
13 February 1981

I a . - . SSS . e. AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL is a worldwide movement which is independent of any government, political ...

Report       MDE 29/001/1982

Amnesty International Briefing: Morocco
1 October 1977

SPAIN MEDITERRANEAN SEA NORTH ATLANTIC OCEAN Kenitra Casablanca F82Rabat Meknês 6 Settat Oujda. Marrakech ...

Report       MDE 29/008/1977