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Nepal: Eleven prisoners of conscience detained in Nepal for ...
26 July 1995


Press Release       ASA 31/001/1995

Amnesty International News Service 19/95
25 January 1995

1. Nepal: Amnesty International welcomes human rights agenda announced by new government.

Report       NWS 11/019/1995

Nepal: Open letter to political parties
30 September 1994

This is the text of a letter from AI's Secretary General, Pierre Sane, to political parties contesting the elections scheduled for mid-November 1994 in Nepal ...

Report       ASA 31/003/1994

Amnesty International News Service 176/94
8 August 1994

1. Bhutan / Nepal: Governments must respect rights of Bhutanese exiles in forthcoming talks. 2. India: Amnesty International calling for inquiry into alleged ...

Report       NWS 11/176/1994

Bhutan: forcible exile
31 July 1994

Approximately 86000 people, mostly Nepali-speakers from southern Bhutan, were resident in refugee camps in Nepal by mid-1994. AI believes that ...

Report       ASA 14/004/1994

Nepal: Human rights safeguards
31 May 1994

In November 1993 an Amnesty International delegation visited Nepal. Discussions with government ministers and other officials focused on steps ...

Report       ASA 31/002/1994

Nepal: A summary of Amnesty International's concerns on ...
1 March 1994

Since Nepal's accession to the Convention against Torture in 1991, AI has received reports that torture is still used in police custody, both to obtain ...

Report       ASA 31/001/1994

The death penalty in wartime: arguments for abolition
1 January 1994

This paper considers whether there are any special arguments which would justify limiting the abolition of the death penalty to ordinary crimes. It presents ...

Report       ACT 50/001/1994

Nepal: Reports of possible extrajudicial executions, arbitrary ...
30 September 1993

Between 25 June and 20 July at least 20 people were reportedly shot dead by police in possible extrajudicial executions, and several hundred people ...

Report       ASA 31/008/1993

UA 346/93 - Nepal: unacknowledged detention / fear of " ...
29 September 1993

There is concern for the safety of Pravakar Subedi, a 20-year-old student, reported missing since 25 June 1993. Relatives believe that a photograph ...

Urgent Action       ASA 31/010/1993