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Nicaragua: Legal concern/Impunity, USA
18 June 2003

In the next few days, the National Assembly of Nicaragua is due to discuss the ratification of a bilateral agreement with the USA. This agreement would ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/001/2003

Nicaragua: Fear for safety/Death Threats
10 April 2002

There are grave concerns for the safety of María Luisa Acosta, following the murder of her husband Francisco José García Valle, aged 44 on 8 April. ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/001/2002

Nicaragua: Open letter to presidential candidates
31 August 2001

This open letter to the presidential candidates in the forthcoming general elections in November 2001 outlines Amnesty International's human rights ...

Report       AMR 43/004/2001

Americas: On the Front Line: Vol.5 No.1 January-June 2001
17 July 2001

1.) Jamaica: Harassment and intimidation of human rights defenders for exposing police killings; 2.) Latin American consultation on Human Rights ...

Report       AMR 01/007/2001

Nicaragua: Fear for safety / Death threats
17 May 2001

The Nicaraguan government has recently intensified a smear campaign against Vilma Núñez de Escorcia and the human rights organization she leads ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/003/2001

Nicaragua: Further information on Fear for safety- Dorothy ...
20 February 2001

The order for the deportation of Dorothy Granada was lifted by a civil court on 6 February. The government has not appealed against the ruling. Dorothy ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/002/2001

Nicaragua: Further information on Fear for safety- Dorothy ...
1 February 2001

Following a recent court decision, Dorothy Virginia Granada remains in hiding in fear that she will be arrested and deported without legal authority. Amnesty ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/001/2001

Nicaragua: Fear for safety- Dorothy Virginia Granada
15 December 2000

A 70-year old nun, working as a nurse in a cooperative clinic, has been harassed and intimidated by police and immigration agents. Dorothy Virginia ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/003/2000

Nigaragua: Further information on Fear for safety: Vilma ...
1 June 2000

Vilma Núñez de Escorcia has received further threats as a result of her work in defence of human rights. Amnesty International fears that she, her family ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/002/2000

Nigaragua Fear for safety: Vilma Nuñez de Escorcia (f)
28 March 2000

Government ministers have accused human rights worker Vilma Núñez de Escorcia of obstructing the police, and pro-government newspapers and radio ...

Urgent Action       AMR 43/001/2000