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Niger: Prisoners of conscience
4 September 2006

Amnesty International is calling for the immediate release of two journalists in Niger, who were sentenced to 18 months' imprisonment on 1 September ...

Urgent Action       AFR 43/001/2006

Niger: Abolish the death penalty in Niger
14 August 2004

No executions have been carried out in Niger since 1976. Despite the fact that the prime minister declared in August 2002 that he was against the death ...

Action Document       AFR 43/001/2004

West Africa: Time to abolish the death penalty
9 October 2003

This doument summarizes each of the 16 ECOWAS countries' legislation on the death penalty, provides information on the most recent executions and ...

Report       AFR 05/003/2003

Niger: The right to justice
5 April 2000

This report examines how one year on from the killing of General Ibrahim Baré Maïnassara, President of the Republic of Niger, and of three others, those ...

Report       AFR 43/001/2000

Niger: The people of Niger have the right to truth and justice
5 April 2000

News Service:065/00. AI Index: AFR 43/03/00. Embargo: 6 April 2000 (00H01 GMT). Niger: The people of Niger have the right to truth and justice. ...

Press Release       AFR 43/003/2000

Niger: Impunity enshrined in the constitution
7 September 1999

The culture of impunity which has characterised Niger for years has just been consecrated with a decision to grant amnesty to the perpetrators of human ...

Report       AFR 43/002/1999

Niger: Impunity enshrined
7 September 1999

News Service: 15799. AI INDEX: AFR 43/06/99. 8 September 1999. Niger: impunity enshrined. “Each new violation which ...

Press Release       AFR 43/006/1999

Niger: Impunity - as enshrined in the constitution
7 September 1999

News Service: 167/99. AI INDEX: AFR 43/07/99. EMBARGOED UNTIL 8 SEPTEMBER 1999. Niger: Impunity -- as enshrined in the constitution. ...

Press Release       AFR 43/007/1999

Niger: Further information on impunity: proposed new ...
25 July 1999

On 18 July 1999 a new Constitution was accepted by popular referendum in Niger. Article 141 of the constitution provides an amnesty for the authors ...

Urgent Action       AFR 43/005/1999

Niger: Proposed new constitution which provides an amnesty ...
15 July 1999

A new constitution is to be submitted to popular referendum on 18 July 1999. there are fears that this will provide an amnesty for the authors of the military ...

Urgent Action       AFR 43/004/1999