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Letter Writing Marathon 2012: Final report
3 April 2013

In 2012, 12 cases of individuals and communities whose human rights have been violated were given huge international public attention by Amnesty ...

Report       ACT 30/022/2013

Nigeria: Lagos State government should stop harassment and ...
3 April 2013

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PUBLIC STATEMENT . AI Index: AFR 44/004/2013. 3 April 2013 . Nigeria: Lagos State ...

Public Statement       AFR 44/004/2013

Wire, March/April 2013. Vol. 43, issue 02
1 March 2013

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: Not forgotten: A return to South Sudan 3) Enough! Time for a strong Arms Trade Treaty 4) We're unlocking the truth about ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2013

Nigeria: Human rights in perspective: Amnesty International ...
1 March 2013

In this submission Amnesty International assesses the progress made in the implementation of recommendations accepted by Nigeria in its previous ...

Report       AFR 44/003/2013

Nigeria: Hundreds forcibly evicted in Lagos, Nigeria
26 February 2013

At least 300 homes have been demolished and hundreds of residents have been left homeless as Lagos State officials carried out a forced eviction on ...

Urgent Action       AFR 44/002/2013

Amnesty International | Nigeria: Hundreds of people forcibly ...
23 February 2013

The Lagos State government of Nigeria must immediately stop the forced eviction of residents of Oke Ilu-Eri area of Badia East in Lagos, Amnesty ...

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Amnesty International | Nigeria: No justice for the dead
5 February 2013

Hundreds of fatal police shootings which each year leave families anguished and bereaved are not being investigated effectively because of a failure ...

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Nigeria: No justice for the dead
5 February 2013

The government of Nigeria must take steps to prevent deaths resulting from excessive or unlawful use of force and firearms by the police; to investigate ...

Report       AFR 44/001/2013

Nigeria: No justice for the dead | Amnesty International
4 February 2013

Poor people and street children are being unlawfully killed with impunity by police, with bodies found dumped in piles in state mortuaries.


Amnesty International | Netherlands: Shell case shows justice ...
30 January 2013

A decision by a Dutch court today relating to Shell's liability for pollution in the Niger Delta shows that justice is possible – but is extremely hard to achieve ...

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