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North Korea: Briefing on present situation
27 July 2005

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Media Advisory. AI Index: ASA 24/002/2005 (Public). News Service No: 203. 28 July 2005. North ...

Press Release       ASA 24/002/2005

North Korea: Fear of torture/fear of death penalty
23 December 2004

North Korean national Park Yong-chol was recently found to have been forcibly returned, in secret, from China in October 2004. There has been no news ...

Urgent Action       ASA 24/007/2004

North Korea: Fear of Torture / Ill-treatment
19 November 2004

Three members of the same family, imprisoned for leaving North Korea without authorization, are reportedly at imminent risk of transfer to one of the country's ...

Urgent Action       ASA 24/002/2004

Republic of Korea (South Korea): Open Letter to all Leaders of ...
12 October 2004

In his letter, Amnesty International urges the leaders of the political parties and members of the 17th National Assembly to repeal or review fundamentally ...

Report       ASA 25/009/2004

North Korea: Further information on Suffering in silence
25 April 2004

Amnesty International AI Index : ASA 24/006/2004. 26 April 2004. [WA 03/2004 – North Korea web action closing text]. Thank ...

Action Document       ASA 24/006/2004

The Wire, February 2004. Vol. 34, No.1.
1 February 2004

1) Stop executing children 2) North Koreans denied their right to food 3) Liberian civilians still vulnerable as peace remains fragile 4) German police ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/001/2004

North Korea: Denial of right to food
20 January 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: ASA 24/004/2004 (Public). News Service No: 013. Embargo Date ...

Press Release       ASA 24/004/2004

North Korea: Suffering in silence
19 January 2004

For more than a decade, North Korea has suffered from a "silent famine" in which hundreds of thousands are reported to have died of starvation and ...

Action Document       ASA 24/001/2004

North Korea: Starved of Rights: Human rights and the food ...
17 January 2004

For more than a decade, the people of North Korea have suffered from famine. Hundreds of thousands of people have died as a result of acute food shortages ...

Report       ASA 24/003/2004

2004 UN Commission on Human Rights. Mission: To Promote ...
1 January 2004

Promotion and protection of human rights are among the key functions of the Commission on Human Rights and yet there are human rights situations ...

Report       IOR 41/001/2004