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Oman: Four men arbitrarily arrested, risk torture
16 May 2014

Four men are being held incommunicado, without charge, in Oman. They are at risk of torture or other ill-treatment.

Urgent Action       MDE 20/001/2014

Oman: Further information: Omani activist released
23 August 2013

Detained Omani activist Sultan al-Saadi was released without charge on 20 August. He had been ill-treated in detention, and not allowed access to his ...

Urgent Action       MDE 20/005/2013

Oman: Activist detained and at risk of ill-treatment: Sultan al ...
5 August 2013

Activist Sultan al-Saadi is being held in an undisclosed location in Oman. He has been denied access to his lawyer, and is at risk of ill-treatment and ...

Urgent Action       MDE 20/004/2013

Sultan of Oman pardons activists | Amnesty International
22 March 2013

All activists and writers held for insulting the ruler, IT crimes and taking part in unauthorized protests are said to have been released.


Oman: Further information: Activists pardoned and released in ...
22 March 2013

The Sultan of Oman has pardoned activists who were convicted last year on charges of insulting the ruler, IT crimes and taking part in unauthorized protests ...

Urgent Action       MDE 20/003/2013

Amnesty International | Sultan of Oman pardons activists
22 March 2013

The Sultan of Oman's decision to pardon all activists and writers convicted last year for insulting the ruler, IT crimes and taking part in unauthorized protests ...

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Oman: Further information: Sentences upheld for eight Omani ...
7 March 2013

The Omani Supreme Court has upheld sentences against eight activists, while referring the cases of eight others for retrial. On the basis of information ...

Urgent Action       MDE 20/002/2013

Oman: Further information: Prisoners in Oman on hunger ...
19 February 2013

Dozens of people detained in relation to the peaceful exercise of their rights to freedom of expression and assembly are on hunger strike to protest against ...

Urgent Action       MDE 20/001/2013

Oman must end assault on freedoms of expression and ...
21 December 2012

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. AI index: MDE 20/006/2012. 21 December 2012. Oman must end assault ...

Public Statement       MDE 20/006/2012

Oman: Further information: Six activists' appeals rejected
6 December 2012

Five men and a woman who were sentenced in August are to be sent to jail for insulting the Sultan. At least 14 more activists are also likely to be jailed ...

Urgent Action       MDE 20/005/2012