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Wire, July/August 2012. Vol. 42, issue 04
1 July 2012

1) The Agenda 2) Up front "They know they are being watched" 3) Bhopal: Carrying the torch 4) International Day of the Disappeared: "Our life without ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2012

يوليو/ تموز - اغسطس/ آب 2012 المجلد 42 العد 004
1 July 2012

ﻩﺬه ةﺮﺸﻨﻟا ﺮﻴﻏ ةﺮﻓﻮﺘﻣ نﻵا فﻮﺳ ﻢﺘﻳ ﺎهﺮﺸﻧ ﺎﺒﻳﺮﻗ.

Newsletter       NWS 21/004/2012

Deadly and dangerous arms trade
21 June 2012

It is time for all governments to commit to securing an international Arms Trade Treaty. Hundreds of thousands of people are killed, injured, raped, repressed ...

Document       ACT 30/032/2012

Deadly and dangerous arms trade
21 June 2012

Document       ACT 30/032/2012

Israel/OPT: International pressure mounts over Gaza blockade
14 June 2012

International Pressure Mounts Over Gaza Blockade. Gaza 14 June 2012: Fifty international charities and United Nations ...

PressItem       MDE 15/033/2012

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Further ...
11 June 2012

Hunger-striking Palestinian footballer Mahmoud al-Sarsak is very close to death, but Israeli officials still refuse to allow his admission to a hospital able ...

Urgent Action       MDE 15/032/2012

Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Starved of ...
6 June 2012

More than 300 Palestinians are held by Israel as administrative detainees, without prospect of a trial for any criminal offence. Detention without trial ...

Report       MDE 15/026/2012

Palestinian Authority: Further information: Four men near ...
28 May 2012

At least four men from Gaza City are facing execution in the Gaza Strip. One of them, Na'el Jamal Qandil Doghmosh, was sentenced to death after, according ...

Urgent Action       MDE 21/003/2012

Report 2012: No longer business as usual for tyranny and ...
24 May 2012

Amnesty International releases its flagship yearly report documenting the state of the world's human rights.


Israel and the Occupied Palestinian Territories: Further ...
18 May 2012

The health of Palestinian footballer Mahmoud al-Sarsak, on hunger strike in an Israeli prison, is deteriorating. Other administrative detainees who had ...

Urgent Action       MDE 15/028/2012