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Papua New Guinea plans for executions: Further information
4 June 2013

A new law adopted by the Papua New Guinea parliament increases the scope of the death penalty and number of execution methods. This has prompted ...

Urgent Action       ASA 34/003/2013

Papua New Guinea repeals Sorcery Act while moving closer ...
28 May 2013

New laws expanding death penalty signal intent to restart executions, following outcry over murders of women accused of 'sorcery'.


Papua New Guinea: Death penalty proposals put lives at risk
22 May 2013

At least ten people under sentence of death will be at risk of execution if legal amendments to facilitate the resumption of executions are passed in Papua ...

Urgent Action       ASA 34/005/2013

Papua New Guinea: Further information: Women accused of ...
3 May 2013

A seriously injured woman and her two daughters, who were held in Papua New Guinea by a group that accused them of practicing "sorcery", have been ...

Urgent Action       ASA 34/002/2013

Wire, May/June 2013. Vol 43, issue 003
1 May 2013

1) The Agenda 2) Up front: The pure power of testimony: 3) 'There are no human rights in Sri Lanka' 4) The painful truth [torture] 5) Five ways to repress ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2013

Papua New Guinea: Fears for women accused of 'sorcery'
12 April 2013

A seriously injured woman and her two daughters are being held in Papua New Guinea by a group that accuses them of practising “sorcery”. There are ...

Urgent Action       ASA 34/001/2013

Amnesty International | Papua New Guinea: Police must act ...
10 April 2013

Police in Papua New Guinea are not doing enough to ensure the release of a seriously injured woman currently detained by a group that accuses her ...

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Papua New Guinea: Police must act urgently to save captured ...
10 April 2013

Annual Report 2013. The state of the world's human rights. Read it now ...


Papua New Guinea: Appalling violence against six women in ...
5 April 2013

Witness says the women were subjected to horrific sexual violence with hot iron rods in the Southern Highlands, and the six are still missing.


Papua New Guinea must act after woman burned alive for ' ...
8 February 2013

A 20-year-old woman accused of 'witchcraft' after a boy died in the city of Mount Hagen was stripped, tied up, doused in petrol and burned alive.