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Peru: Open letter to the presidential candidates of Peru
8 March 2011

In this open letter Amnesty International writes to all the presidential candidates to raise the organization's human rights concerns with them. The organization ...

Open Letter       AMR 46/002/2011

Peru: Further information: Trade union leaders detained ...
20 January 2011

Peruvian trade union leaders Pedro Condori Laurente and Antonio Quispe Tamayo were detained on 11 January on unfounded charges. No evidence ...

Urgent Action       AMR 46/001/2011

AI Peru: | Amnesty International
24 November 2010


Amnesty International | Working to Protect Human Rights
26 October 2010

Why is maternal mortality a human rights crisis?


Risk of rights violations during Peru water protests | Amnesty ...
24 September 2010

Protesters opposing an irrigation project could be at risk after the President approved a new law allowing the use of the military during civil unrest.


Peru: Excessive force against protesters feared
23 September 2010

Peruvian communities protesting against an irrigation project they believe will restrict their water supply are at risk from a new law which could enable ...

Urgent Action       AMR 46/016/2010

Peru revokes law denying justice for victims of past crimes ...
15 September 2010

President García to repeal a decree which could grant amnesties to military personnel alleged to have committed abuses during the 1980 – 2000 internal ...


Peru: Amnesty International condemns renewed attempts to ...
16 July 2010

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC STATEMENT. 16 July 2010. AI Index: AMR 46/015/2010. Peru: Amnesty International ...

Public Statement       AMR 46/015/2010

Missionary defending Amazon tribes in Peru must not be ...
7 July 2010

Amnesty International has called on the Peruvian government to revoke its decision to expel a British catholic activist who has spent the past ten years ...