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DR Congo: Combatants in Bukavu must stop attacks on ...
2 June 2004

There is no abstract for this document.

Press Release       AFR 62/013/2004

SVAW Newsletter - Issue 02: Kosovo: women for sale
31 May 2004

This newsletter focuses on the trafficking of women. Women and girls are being trafficked from some of the poorest countries in Europe and forced to ...

Report       ACT 77/061/2004

Rwanda: Medical action: "Marked for death" - rape survivors ...
11 May 2004

This action circular forms a component of the wider action being organized around publication of the report "Marked for death" - rape survivors living ...

Action Document       AFR 47/011/2004

Rwanda: The enduring legacy of the genocide and war
5 April 2004

The enduring legacy of the genocide and armed conflict continues for most Rwandese. This paper examines the extent to which the current government ...

Report       AFR 47/008/2004

Rwanda: Legacy of 1994 genocide and war yet to be ...
5 April 2004

There is no abstract for this document.

Press Release       AFR 47/009/2004

Rwanda:"Marked for Death", rape survivors living with HIV ...
5 April 2004

In April 1994, Rwanda suffered one hundred days of violence, targeted at the Tutsi and moderate Hutu population. Sexual violence against women and ...

Report       AFR 47/007/2004

The Wire, April 2004. Vol. 34, No. 3.
31 March 2004

1) Healing the scars of genocide in Rwanda 2) Haiti's human rights abusers re-emerge 3) Hundreds still held by US government in Guantánamo Bay ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2004

Rwanda: Further information on Fear for Safety/Possible " ...
16 March 2004

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of Major Félicien Ngirabatware, Damien Musayidizi, Dr. Leonard Hitimana, Augustin Cyiza and Elizier ...

Urgent Action       AFR 47/003/2004

Rwanda: Women of Rwanda: Marked for death
5 March 2004

10 years on from the genocide and war of 1994, the women of Rwanda are still seeking redress for the violence done to them. Many women raped during ...

Action Document       AFR 47/002/2004

Rwanda: Provisional release of genocide prisoners - priority ...
3 March 2004

There is no abstract for this document.

Press Release       AFR 47/001/2004