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Amnesty International's appeal to all governments to end ...
1 December 2001

Amnesty International is calling on all governments to take steps towards ending impunity and in doing so to ensure that their countries are not safe havens ...

Report       IOR 70/003/2001

End impunity: Justice for the victims of torture
19 November 2001

This report hightlights the fact that every day, in every region of the world, men, women and children are subjected to torture. In the great majority of cases ...

Report       ACT 40/024/2001

Where do diamonds come from?
1 November 2001

This leaflet highlights the fact that whilst to many people, diamonds symbolise love, happiness or wealth, for many, they mean conflict, misery and poverty ...

Newsletter       AFR 01/011/2001

West Africa: Guinea and Sierra Leone: No place of refuge
23 October 2001

This report highlights that after more than a decade of armed conflict and human rights abuses there are more than one million refugees, internally displaced ...

Report       AFR 05/006/2001

Sierra Leone: Renewed commitment needed to end impunity
23 September 2001

More than one year after the UN Security Council decided to establish a Special Court for Sierra Leone, its realization as a fair, effective and viable court ...

Report       AFR 51/007/2001

Sierra Leone: Renewed commitment needed to end impunity
20 September 2001

AI Index AFR 51/010/2001 - News Service Nr. 167. Embargoed for : 24/09/2001 11:00 GMT. Sierra Leone: Renewed commitment ...

Press Release       AFR 51/010/2001

Sierra Leone Diamonds:International certification system ...
6 September 2001

7 September 2001. AI Index AFR 51/009/2001 - News Service Nr. 159. Sierra Leone Diamonds:International certification ...

Press Release       AFR 51/009/2001

West Africa: Guinea, Liberia and Sierra Leone: A human rights ...
25 June 2001

This report looks at the situation of thousands of refugees and displaced people in Gunea, Liberia and Sierra Leone who have suffered serious human ...

Report       AFR 05/005/2001

The terror trade times, June 2001
1 June 2001

Description: 1.) Selling out human rights: Governments set to ignore human rights at UN Small Arms Conference; 2.) Italy and small arms - a case study ...

Newsletter       ACT 31/002/2001

Amnesty International 'Good News'
31 May 2001

EXTERNAL DOCUMENT. AI INDEX: ACT 30/011/2001 Distr: SC/PO. Amnesty International 'Good News'. Please note that ...

Press Release       ACT 30/011/2001