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Slovakia: Further information on Torture/Ill-treatment ...
18 March 2008

On 13 March 2008 the Constitutional Court of the Slovak Republic ruled that Mustapha Labsi cannot be extradited to Algeria until the Court has made ...

Urgent Action       EUR 72/002/2008

Europe moves to protect trafficked people | Amnesty ...
1 February 2008

Europe has taken a further step towards protecting people who have beentrafficked with the entry into force of a new convention.


Amnesty International | Slovakia: Justice minister must stop ...
22 January 2008

Amnesty International is deeply dismayed at today's decision of theSupreme Court in Slovakia which gives the green light for theextradition of Mustapha ...

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Slovakia: Further information on UA 320/07 - Torture/Ill ...
22 January 2008

On 22 January 2008, the Supreme Court of Slovakia decided that extradition of Mustapha Labsi to Algeria is admissible. The Slovakian authorities are ...

Urgent Action       EUR 72/001/2008

The world shouts 'Close Guantánamo' | Amnesty International
16 January 2008

Thousands join worldwide protests marking the sixth anniversary of the first transfers of detainees to Guantánamo on 11 January.


Europe bulletin Jan-Jun 2007 (Leda)Europe and Central Asia ...
1 December 2007

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe and Central Asia between January and June 2007. Not every ...

Report       EUR 01/010/2007

The Wire, December 2007. Vol. 37, No. 11
1 December 2007

1) Needed but unwanted 2) Habeas corpus denied 3) Education system still failing Romani children in Slovakia 4) Training event addresses Roma ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/011/2007

Slovak Republic: Torture/Ill-treatment: Mustapha Labsi [m]
30 November 2007

The Slovakian authorities are preparing to forcibly return Mustapha Labsi to Algeria. This would put him at serious risk of torture.

Urgent Action       EUR 72/012/2007

Slovaquie. L'extradition vers l'Algérie ferait courir à Mustapha ...
28 November 2007

Slovaquie. L'extradition vers l'Algérie ferait courir à Mustapha Labsi le risque d'être torturé ou maltraité

Press Release       EUR 72/011/2007

Slovakia: Extradition to Algeria would put Mustapha Labsi at ...
28 November 2007

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. Public Statement. AI Index: EUR 72/011/2007 (Public). News Service No: 229. 28 November 2007. ...

Press Release       EUR 72/011/2007