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Childrens action: Appeals cases
1 November 1999

This document contains the following appeal cases, produced for the 1999 Childrens Action: Central Europe: Discrimination/Ill-treatment; Pakistan: Honour ...

Newsletter       ACT 76/015/1999

Amnesty International News, November 1999. Vol.29, No.6.
1 November 1999

Farlesty N EWS. AFTER 20 YEARS, NO. END IN SIGHT TO AFGHAN. TERROR. ”-k. H. s,1 IsssIss , 111. '&2,11.111 1ss,111;,, 11,1 ss 1,1;11.,1 s ,s11 ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/1999

Concerns in Europe July-December 1998
31 March 1999

This bulletin contains information about Amnesty International's main concerns in Europe between July and December 1998. It contains special sections ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/1999

Slovak Republic: Reported ill-treatment of Roma by police ...
9 March 1999

There is concern at reports of police ill-treatment, including beating and unlawful arrest, of members of the Romani community in Hermanovce on 27 ...

Report       EUR 72/001/1999

Preocupaciones en Europa: Enero-Junio 1998
31 August 1998

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1998

Concerns in Europe January-June 1998
31 August 1998

This report summarises Amnesty International's concerns in Europe during the period January to June 1998 and includes special sections on women ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1998

Concerns in Europe: July-December 1997
3 February 1998

This report sumarizes AI's concerns in 34 countries in Europe July-December 1997 and includes special sections on women and children.

Newsletter       EUR 01/001/1998

Out of the margins: The right to conscientious objection to ...
14 April 1997

This report is launched as part of Amnesty International's major campaign for the recognition of the right to conscientious objection to military service ...

Newsletter       EUR 01/002/1997

Slovak Republic: Possible prisoner of conscience: Timotej ...
2 April 1997

There is concern that Timotej Novotny, aged 22, from Bezovce, has been charged under Article 269, paragraph 1, of the Slovak Penal Code for refusing ...

Report       EUR 72/009/1997

Slovak Republic: Restrictions on the right to conscientious ...
31 March 1997

Amnesty International is concerned that the right to conscientious objection to military service is restricted under the Slovak legislation on civilian service ...

Report       EUR 72/011/1997