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The Wire, April 2005. Vol. 35, No. 3.
31 March 2005

1) Human rights crisis continues in Nepal 2) Women carry the burden in the Occupied Territories 3) Nigeria's unheard voices: widespread violence against ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/003/2005

No turning back - full implementation of women's human rights ...
1 February 2005

In this document Amnesty International focuses on four of the 12 Critical Areas of Concern of the Platform for Action: Violence against women, Women ...

Report       IOR 41/002/2005

Solomon Islands: Women confronting violence
8 November 2004

This report recommends measures to increase women's protection from violence, assist their confidence in and cooperation with the justice system ...

Report       ASA 43/001/2004

Solomon Islands: Women in fear as rapists go unchecked
7 November 2004

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PRESS RELEASE. AI Index: ASA 43/002/2004 (Public). News Service No: 270. 7 November 2004. ...

Press Release       ASA 43/002/2004

The Wire, September 2004. Vol. 34, No. 8.
31 August 2004

1) Women speak out in Solomon Islands 2) Rights still in the pipeline 3) Law quashes the right of Israeli Arab citizens to family life 4) Children and young ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/008/2004

The Wire, March 2003. Vol. 33, No.2.
1 March 2003

1) Guns and greed in Solomon Islands 2) Human rights forgotten in USA's 'war on terrorism' 3) Jamaican justice system on trial: killing of 'Braeton Seven ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/002/2003

Solomon Islands: A black day for human rights
19 December 2000

19 December 2000. AI Index ASA 43/013/2000 - News Service Nr. 239. Solomon Islands: A black day for human rights. The ...

Press Release       ASA 43/013/2000

Solomon Islands: Further information on fear for safety for Eric ...
4 October 2000

Eric Rove was released from captivity today (5 October) by the armed political group that was holding him, and has been reunited with his family.

Urgent Action       ASA 43/011/2000

Solomon Islands: Further information on fear for safety - Duran ...
4 October 2000

The spokesperson for an armed political group that reportedly threatened journalist, Duran Angiki, and his family has said that their safety will be ...

Urgent Action       ASA 43/012/2000

Solomon Islands: Fear for safety for Eric Rove
28 September 2000

Amnesty International is concerned for the safety of a pilot who has been kidnapped by an armed political group He was kidnapped by the Guadalcanal ...

Urgent Action       ASA 43/006/2000