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South Africa: Nowhere to Shelter
10 November 2008

Domestic violence remains a pervasive problem for women in South Africa. Laws have been passed to protect women's right to be free from domestic ...

Newsletter       AFR 53/017/2008

South Africa: No Transport, No Treatment
10 November 2008

Women in South Africa, particularly black women, are disproportionately affected by poverty, unemployment and the HIV pandemic. Where transport ...

Newsletter       AFR 53/016/2008

South Africa: Survivors still at risk
10 November 2008

Women's lives in South Africa continue to be scarred by violence or the threat of violence in under-policed, unsafe communities and in their homes. The ...

Newsletter       AFR 53/015/2008

South Africa: Update: Health Professional Action: “I am at the ...
13 September 2008

In its response to the HIV epidemic and to discrimination and violence against women, the Government of South Africa has obligations under both national ...

Document       AFR 53/013/2008

South Africa: "Talk for us please": Limited Options Facing ...
12 September 2008

In May 2008 a wave of violent attacks against individuals, identified on the basis of their perceived nationality, ethnicity or migrant status, led to the ...

Report       AFR 53/012/2008

South Africa: Fear that closure of camps will result in human ...
14 August 2008

South Africa: Fear that closure of camps will result in human rights violations

Document       AFR 53/010/2008

UN Human Rights Council Eighth Session, 2-18 June 2008 ...
18 July 2008

The statements in this document were made during the eighth main session of the Human Rights Council that took place from 2 to 18 June 2008.

Report       IOR 41/034/2008

The wire, July 2008. Vol. 38, No. 6
1 July 2008

1019 The Wire Amnesty International 2008 7 Vol.38 No.6 CIA CIA 2008 2 2002 2003 waterboarding ? State of denial: Europe ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/2008

the wire, July 2008. Vol. 38, No. 6
1 July 2008

1) State of denial: Europe's role in rendition and secret detention 2) Migrants attacked in South Africa 3) China's human rights record overshadows Olympic ...

Newsletter       NWS 21/006/2008

Oral statement on the outcome on South Africa under the ...
11 June 2008

Amnesty International welcomes the recommendation to ensure that the rights of asylum-seekers and migrants are respected in line with South Africa's ...

Document       IOR 41/024/2008