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South Africa: Protect refugees and migrants from police ...
1 February 2010

Postcard       AFR 53/001/2010

South Africa: Failure to conduct impartial investigation into ...
16 December 2009

AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. PUBLIC DOCUMENT. AI Index: AFR 53/011/2009. 16 December 2009. South Africa: Failure ...

Document       AFR 53/011/2009

Analysis: HIV progress blunted by discrimination and sexual ...
1 December 2009

Annual Report 2013. The state of the world's human rights. Read it now ...


South Africa: Human rights concerns in South Africa ...
1 September 2009

South Africa: Human rights concerns in South Africa: Memorandum sent to the South African government - August 2009

Report       AFR 53/008/2009

South Africa: Rape survivors denied treatment in South Africa
1 June 2009

South Africa: Rape survivors denied treatment in South Africa

Postcard       AFR 53/003/2009

The Wire, June/July 2009. Vol. 39, issue 003
1 June 2009

1) For a path out of poverty, take the human rights route 2) LiveWire 3) Maternal mortality: A woman a minute 4) Corporations, human rights and poverty ...

Document       NWS 21/003/2009

G-20 must set the example and clean up their human rights ...
28 May 2009

Amnesty International's Secretary General has called on the G-20grouping that brings together the world's leading economies to lead byexample and ...


International community fails to protect Darfur | Amnesty ...
17 February 2009

The Justice and Equality Movement and the Sudanese government were reported to have struck an agreement on Monday that paves the way for Darfur ...

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الاعتقال المتعلق بالهجرة
1 December 2008

الاعتقال المتعلق بالهجرة

Report       POL 33/004/2008

Migration-related detention: A global concern
1 December 2008

Migrants, asylum-seekers and refugees are regularly deprived of their liberty purely for administrative convenience. Many countries use detention to ...

Report       POL 33/004/2008