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UA 137/93 - Republic of Korea (South Korea): prisoner of ...
26 April 1993

AI is concerned about the detention of Hwang Suk-yong, a writer aged 50, who was arrested on 27 April 1993 at Seoul Airport as he returned to South ...

Urgent Action       ASA 25/017/1993

South Korea: Prisoner of conscience Chang Ki-pyo
31 March 1993

Chang Ki-pyo, 46-year-old Chairman of Minsahyop (Council for Democratic Reform and Social Progress), was arrested on 26 September 1992 with ...

Report       ASA 25/011/1993

South Korea: Appeal for the release of Hwang Tae-kwon
31 March 1993

Hwang Tae-kwon, aged 37, is serving a 20-year sentence under the National Security Law on charges of passing state secrets to North Korean agents ...

Report       ASA 25/013/1993

South Korea: Facts about the death penalty and calls for ...
1 March 1993

This paper reports the numbers of executions and death sentences in South Korea in 1992 and describes the legal background to the use of the death ...

Report       ASA 25/006/1993

South Korea: Appeal to the new President
1 March 1993

AI is urging the newly-elected government of South Korea to demonstrate its committment to increased democracy by taking the following steps: release ...

Report       ASA 25/010/1993

South Korea: Letters from prisoners and their families
1 March 1993

This document contains excerpts from letters received by AI groups during 1992 and early 1993 from prisoners and their families. Some of the prisoners ...

Report       ASA 25/009/1993

South Korea: Appeal on behalf of socialist poet Park No-hae
1 February 1993

Park No-hae, a 35-year-old poet and alleged leader of Sanomaeng (Socialist Workers' League) is serving a life sentence under the National Security ...

Report       ASA 25/007/1993

Death penalty news February 1993
1 February 1993

1. Guinea-Bissau totally abolishes the death penalty. 2. Launch of International League for Abolition of the Death Penalty. 3. Jamaica, Trinidad and Tobago ...

Newsletter       ACT 53/001/1993

South Korea: Prisoner of conscience Kang Ki-hun
1 January 1993

Kang Ki-hun, a 27-year-old staff member of the dissident organization Chonminnyon, is serving a three-year prison sentence on charges of aiding ...

Report       ASA 25/004/1993

South Korea: Appeal to President-elect
1 January 1993

AI is appealing to President-elect Kim Young-sam to release all prisoners held for the peaceful expression of their rights to freedom of expression and ...

Report       ASA 25/001/1993