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Religious Action 1993 (includes correction)
30 September 1992

The cases reported here are: the killing of Quranic teacher Faky Ali Ahmat in Chad; killing of at least 37 people during a peaceful Catholic demonstration ...

Report       ACT 79/001/1992

South Korea: Appeal on behalf of Chong Yong
30 September 1992

Chong Yong is serving a life sentence, charged under the National Security Law with spying for North Korea. AI is concerned about reports that he was ...

Report       ASA 25/027/1992

South Korea: Concern about the treatment of alleged spies
31 August 1992

AI is concerned about the treatment of 58-year-old Kim Nak-jung, arrested on 25 August 1992 with his wife and daughters on charges of spying for North ...

Report       ASA 25/024/1992

South Korea: Appeal for the release of Pang Yang-kyun
31 August 1992

Pang Yang-kyun, secretary to Suh Kyung-won, an opposition member of the National Assembly who is also a prisoner of conscience, is serving a 7-year ...

Report       ASA 25/023/1992

South Korea: Summary of Amnesty International's concerns ...
31 July 1992

Amnesty International's concerns in South Korea include: the detention of people under National Security legislation for the peaceful exercise of their ...

Report       ASA 25/022/1992

South Korea: Appeal on behalf of Ham Ju-myong
31 July 1992

AI is concerned about Ham Ju-myong, who is serving a life sentence for alleged espionage on behalf of North Korea. Ham Ju-myong moved to South ...

Report       ASA 25/021/1992

South Korea: Appeal for the release of Korea Labour Party ...
30 June 1992

Five members of the preparatory committee of the Korea Labour Party were arrested on 9 April 1992; AI is calling for their immediate and unconditional ...

Report       ASA 25/019/1992

South Korea: "Unconverted" political prisoners
30 June 1992

AI is concerned about a number of prisoners convicted under national security legislation in Korea, who appear to remain in detention because of their ...

Report       ASA 25/015/1992

South Korea: Amnesty International's concerns
31 May 1992

This document summarizes AI's concerns in South Korea regarding the violation of certain internationally recognized human rights. AI has received many ...

Report       ASA 25/014/1992

South Korea: Appeal on behalf of Park Dong-oon
31 May 1992

This report describes AI's concern that Park Dong-oon, who was sentenced to life imprisonment for alleged espionage for North Korea, may have been ...

Report       ASA 25/017/1992